Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Entire Reason for Ever Becoming Parents

We had a spontaneous jam session at our house last night.

This means that Josh got his sax out, both of the boys got their saxes out and they all made simultaneous "music" while I sat on the floor trying to make my little camera take big camera pictures.

Ah, the story of my whole blogging life.

It was a big moment (or half a moment), because it was the first time the boys seemed to partially fulfill the deep, eternal, fatherly longings Josh has carried around in his heart since the moment they were born.

The desire that his two boys, the offspring of his loins...

heirs to his name...

his begotten...

would one day carry his legacy and...

become wind players.

There may have been tears.

But before I put ya'll in the ugly cry, I need to interject an important truth here.

Our boys' calling has already been spoken into existence. Their lot in life has already been chosen.

Indeed, the lines have fallen for them in pleasant places.

And that pleasant, most glorious place is

the Brass Section.


And glory.

Because I got to him first, remember?

This one's still on the fence, but we still have time.

Oh yes. There's still time.

You see, no one chooses to become a brass player.

It chooses them.

And once it calls you, there's no turning back.

(even if one does decide 4 years into a music degree that they may, just kinda, almost want to switch to cello. No, ma'am. You are denied. You were called, dare I say, seduced.)

Besides. Really. Let's be honest. The only reason people choose to play the saxophone (at least initially) it because they were blown around and enticed by the illusion that they may one day possess the swagger and cool factor of someone like, say...

Kenny G.

And folks, I think he achieved it!

(Wherever my husband is right now, I assure you, he just threw up.)

He looks darn cute playing his heart out, and the sounds he gets to come out of that thing have worked on me like a charm.

So, congrats, Josh. But our boys? Well.

You just can't change destiny.

And now, sweetie, I think it's time to take your disappointment and ask for the serenity to accept the things you cannot change.

I love you.

(Woodwinds: 0 Brass: 1)