Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Contents of My Brain

This is not in any particular order....because, well...

there's just not any order.

1. I don't want to cook dinner.

2. I don't want to go to work.

3. How can I get of cooking dinner?

4. How can I get out of going to work?

5. Is it completely wrong to just have my students color tomorrow?

6. Should we buy the minivan that is priced incredibly low with seemingly
nothing wrong with it?

7. I'm ready to paint my furniture.

8. Where the heck is Josh?

9. LOST was AMAZING last night.

10. I want to watch LOST again tonight
without the 20,000 commercials.

11. February meal plan. Ugh.

12. I can't believe I've let my legs resemble a
pubescent boy's.

13. I would really like the snow to go away now.

14. Screw the stupid groundhog.

15. Should I start an Amish Friendship Bread starter?

16. Starting it will inevitably means that I will eat 16 loaves
by myself.

17. It also means that everyone within spitting distance
of me will have a ziplock bag of fermenting substance forced on them.

18. If I had a DVR I wouldn't have to watch commercials anymore.

19. Now why can't Josh see the logic in that?

20. What am I supposed to be doing right now?

21. Can I talk Isaiah into going back for a second nap?

22. Waiting on God is really hard right now.

23. Glad to be studying Esther.

24. I'm tired of cancer.

25. God's still on the throne.

26. I'm feeling the need to get out of my
usual surroundings.

27. I think it's time for an adventure.

28. Should we start foster care training now or wait?

29. Should our next child be biological, foster or adopted?

30. Why does God give such huge desires that have to remain
unfulfilled for so long?

31. I shouldn't question Him.

32. Waiting is hard.

33. I love my boys.

34. I really love Josh.

35. Is it really going to snow again this weekend?!

36. How long will it take that chili to thaw?

37. How long does it take to go pick up a truck battery?!

Repeat this cycle about 942 times and there's my day.

Ah, the monotony of winter.

I am so done with winter.


Sushi Girl said...

love it, definitely identify!