Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day weekend

Right when I took this, a man with a very large belly had just walked by and Karis was pointing at him saying, "belly!"

This picture cracks me up! What kind of a face is that?!?

(Notice the cheetos all over his face)

We (Isaiah and myself) kicked off the unofficial start of summer at the beach with Josh's parents, Dee, Stacey and Karis. Josh, on the other hand, went to the race and attempted to camp out. Yes. Make fun of him. Actually, he went with a co-worker he's been building a relationship with so it was very intentional on his part...and wow, does he have some stories! Anyway, I missed him SO much, and Isaiah asked for him multiple times a day. It was really sweet coming home to him, though it was a ton of fun watching Isaiah enjoy the beach. Last year he just wanted to eat sand and crawl around. This year he's having a blast finding sea shells, taking them to the surf, throwing them in, saying, "Bye bye! See ya!"... then repeating the process all over again. He's all over the place and met quite a few strangers by going right up to them as they lay out in the sun and just staring at them....awkward. I don't know how amused they were, but one nice man gave him cheetos. Hmm...don't know how I feel about that.


I feel like it's been forever since I've written anything (other than pictures), and I've been feeling a little disconnected from people so I just wanted to connect with you guys again. I miss you :)

Part of the reason I haven't posted anything is because I can't come up with a thing to write about. My brain just isn't working full force these days. For the past month I have really felt like I've been floating along, responding to life as it comes. Thinking and processing in the moment, but not taking a lot of time to reflect or plan or be really passionate and intentional about much of anything.

Much of this is simply because I feel tired A LOT. I really expected this to pass a long time ago and it hasn't. I take a nap almost everyday and have to drag myself out of bed in the morning. Poor Isaiah. There are mornings that I honestly don't know how long he's been awake patiently waiting for me to go get him.

The interesting thing is that there is so much going on around me that I would otherwise be really preoccupied with. Like the fact that our house is still for sell (and still isn't 100% ready), we need stuff for the baby that will be expensive, we are still wondering what God has for us as far as our church goes, wrapping up the school year and anticipating Josh's summer job, trying to save money with gas and food taking more of our already tight budget.....and, oh yeah, I'm having a baby.

Come to think of it, maybe I should be grateful I'm pretty much sleeping through all this.

Well, I'm going to eat some cheese rice and then take my nap. Maybe when I wake up I'll have something else extremely clever to write :)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Josh's worst nightmare

And mine....

Precious pictures!

Here's the first debut of our new little one to the world! While we decided not to know if there were "lines or dots" we know that our baby is completely healthy and right on track. Gosh, I SO easily take that for granted and God has been sweet to remind me of what a gift that is from Him.

I will try to explain the pictures for the grandmothers :)

Face and heart (we saw all 4 chambers pumping away!)

Laying on his/her belly

Laying on his/her back with knees pulled in. We had a very sleepy baby in there!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Very Bad, Awful Date

It started yesterday even before we left the house. We had a frustrating conversation and misunderstood each other leading to us trying to work it out in the car as we drove to Charlotte to drop Isaiah off at a friend's house. We have been wanting to go walk down Union Street in Concord to see some new little shops and hang outs so we headed back to Concord. We stopped at the McDonald's drive through for a quick dinner, ate it in the car and then got out to go walk around and hopfully duck into a cute little coffee shop for awhile. It was 7:30 and almost EVERYthing was closed. Ugh.

We walked up the street, threw our trash away and got back in the car. Now what? It was still tense between us with little talking. Josh had asked me to read an article awhile back so we could talk about it and I hadn't. He even sent an email with the article asking if we could talk about it on our date. I didn't even open the email.

We settled on driving back to Charlotte and going to Dilworth coffee (right down the street from where we dropped off Isaiah). I was literally falling asleep in the car, then complaining to Josh about how much I often dislike our dates because things go wrong, I don't know how to fix them, I don't know what to say, I don't know what he expects and I struggle to even stay awake through it all. Nice, right?

We get to the coffee place, get our coffee and sit down. Josh pulls up the article to just give me an overall idea of what it was about so we can discuss it. Things are ever so slightly improving as I'm listening and trying to hard to think through what he's reading so I can give feedback. We are sitting there about 10 mins max when a guy who works there comes up to tell us that they will be closing in about a minute. I was DONE.

Josh gave me one look and started to ask what we should do, and I immediately shot him down with "I do NOT want to go to a third location!" It was over. We picked up Isaiah early and went home in silence. Once we got home, Josh went for a drive to pray off our date, I guess.

When he came to bed he sweetly said that though it wasn't a good time to discuss it, he had been praying about his part in the whole thing and he was sorry. We would talk about it later and that he loved me. I said the same thing and we fell asleep in our normal cuddly fashion.

So help. Has this happened to you? I feel like we have dates like this a lot. I'm starting to wonder if it's just an all out spiritual attack. Insight? What would you do?

Saturday, May 03, 2008


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