Sunday, September 30, 2007

BIG day for the baby book!

The game was on, but that wasn't the excitement in our house an hour ago. Isaiah, the adventurous little boy that he is, decided to let go of the couch and take not one, not two but THREE steps all by himself!!! It was truly one of the most precious moments of my life...watching as my baby with rear end sticking out, right arm out in front of him and left hand clutching my cell phone, ventured out into the world (ok, our hallway) on his own two little feet.

Then, for probably 30 mins Josh and I sat in the middle of the hall with little pieces of apple as a bribe, cheering him on as his showed off his new skills over and over, cackling and giggling hard the whole time. I'm pretty sure he was just as impressed with himself as we he's been anxiously waiting for his feet to be ready for months like we have.

My first baby took his first steps. It's amazing how something like that can make my heart so full. Isaiah has had a stomach bug for a week now which means that we've been holed up in the house for the most of the last 6 days and when he hasn't been sleeping he's been whining. Josh sweetly watched him this afternoon and let me get out of house for awhile...I desperately needed the break from both our house and Isaiah. My nerves couldn't take anymore (and Josh was at the end of his rope when I got home). I went to Starbucks, read awhile and prayed for grace to love Isaiah well and the strength to deal with his inconsolable whining and poop until this passes.

So, I write this very aware and thankful for the Lord's grace and sheer kindness to our little family.

Yeah, Isaiah!!! You are the most precious gift God has given our family and we are SO proud of you!!!

Fantastic resources!

I am so excited to see that Desiring God ministries is posting each of their national conference messages on their blog shortly after it's and video!!! I love the generosity of this ministry! It is taking place right now and this year's theme is: Stand: A Call for the Endurance of the Saints.

You can watch and listen to messages from Helen Roseveare, Jerry Bridges, Randy Alcorn, John Piper, John MacArthur and a panel discussion with Roseveare, Bridges, Alcorn and Piper.

Another message of interest to us parents is Piper's conversation with MacArthur about drawing your kid's heart out.

I'm especially excited about hearing Helen Roseveare. I heard her speak in college and her stories have always stuck with me through the years. She's a remarkable woman!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Curly Curls

The longer it gets, the more curls! I hope it grows out and gets big and bushy!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007



Ever since seeing the movie "Stranger Than Fiction" I have been thinking about cupcakes and secretly desiring to one day discover my inner hidden cupcake artist and create these little morsels from heaven (I actually do really love to bake). I can just picture myself decked out in a cute apron, cheerfully taking my little cupcakes out of the oven and transforming them into the most adorable, mouth-watering, looks-too-good-to-eat creations. Then artfully wrapping them up oh so carefully, tying them up with ribbon and transporting them to the special someone who could really use a cupcake that day (this is what it's like to be in my head, people).

So, who knows if that will happen but good news!!! The cupcake craze is coming to Charlotte! I just saw this today and it got me VERY excited.

Now, don't you want to make me a cupcake???

Isaiah's new phrase

This is what he said last night right after finishing dinner:


Translation: "Take a bath???"

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

13 1/2 month update

His favorite things are yellow. Not yellow?
Sorry. You get no love from Isaiah.

No walking yet...but he stands all by himself!

Where did it go?

Playing with one of his favorite toys

He loves giving Mommy sweet kisses!

Hyyyyyyy Yah!!!

Yeah for mac and cheese!!!

Fitting into small spaces
(the basket of toys under a side table)

Coming out of hiding

After thoroughly enjoying some baked ziti

Monday, September 24, 2007

Praying for the Pipers

Please pray for Abraham, Molly and their precious, stillborn daughter Felicity Margaret Piper
who is with Jesus today.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My conversation at Walmart

It was late Tuesday night and I was finally at the check out with my cart full. The cashier was a bubbly young girl (unusual for cashiers at Walmart) who was trying to make conversation with everyone who came through her line. I really appreciate that because that's how I was when I was a cashier at Sam's and Marshalls. I tried to make some kind of conversation with every customer simply out of boredom...just trying to pass the time. as she was ringing up my 13 boxes of mac and cheese (I counted) she says:

"Somebody like mac and cheese?"

"Yes, my husband. He made it very clear that he wanted A LOT of mac and cheese. He eats like an 8 year old."

"So how is being married?"

"Oh I love it...I highly recommend it."

"What do you like about it?"

"Well, my husband and I were best friends for a really long time before we were married and I would want to hang out with him anyway so now he's always there. It's really nice having someone there. He takes care of me."

"I'm just trying to figure out what's the difference, you know? I mean, I love my boyfriend and we live together. Why get married? What's the difference?"

"Well, I think my personal beliefs really play into that."

"Yeah, I mean I think you really should get married."

"And there's something about saying your vows in front of God and everyone else there. You're publicly making a promise to one another and everyone there can hold you accountable to that."

"Well, I will definitely consider that."

I can't say that I handled that the way I would have wanted to had I known. I was completely caught off guard and am learning that I can really flounder in situations like that. So, I'm convicted and reminded of scripture's command to "be prepared in and out of season."

I'm guilty of being out of practice in sharing my faith with unbelievers. This has been on my mind a lot lately. There was a time when my day was planned thinking of ways I could build relationships with the lost and engaging them in conversations that would hopefully lead to a lasting relationship and ultimately, the gospel. I know that my season of life is completely different now....I'm a wife and a mom. And I'm so grateful for the way God is growing me and sanctifying me in those roles. I know that Josh and Isaiah are my primary ministry and I love that. But, I cannot sit here and feel smugly satisfied with where I'm at in my growth and my walk with the Lord if I'm not sharing my faith and praying for the lost souls God has clearly put in my path. I forget that I'm a light to more that just my church, my small group and my family...the world is watching too.

I plan to go back to Walmart on Tuesday nights and am praying that I will see her again and have the opportunity to talk more.

In the mean time, I found this foreward by C. J. Mahaney really helpful. It's in JT's post called "The Gospel and Personal Evangelism" promoting a book by Mark Dever of the same title.

Have you had any good conversations where you shared the gospel recently? I want to hear!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hot to trot

With the cool breeze of fall in the air, I have been thinking about running this year's 5k (or 10k if I'm really diligent) in December....I'm starting small. I ran one several years ago and loved it! It usually called the "Reindeer Romp" but I can't find anything called that online. I've heard that it's the 5k part of the Thunder Road marathon. Anyway....

I would LOVE to have someone else run it with me so if you're up for it let me know!

You can read up on it at


There are quite a few races here in the fall! Here are a few more for your consideration:

Oct. 20, Charlotte - Dilworth Jubilee 8K, 8am. Info: Scott Dvorak (704)377-8786,

Oct. 27, Concord - Jack O Lantern Jaunt, Kids FR & Mile Walk, 5pm; 5K Run, 5:15pm; $15/5K, $8/FR & Mile Walk, $50 (family or team) by 10/25; after $18/5K, $10/FR & Mile Walk, $60 (family or team). Info: Cabarrus County Parks & Recreation Dept., POB 707, Concord, NC 28026-0707; Perry Gabriel (704)920- 3356 or, Web site,

Nov. 3, Charlotte - Dowd Y Run, Half Marathon, 7:40am; 5K Run, 8am; 5K Walk, 8:02am; Kids Sprint, 8:30am; $30/half, $17/5K, $8/Kid's by 10/6; $35/$20/$10 by 11/2; $45/$25/$12 on RD. Info: Dowd YMCA, 400 E. Morehead St., Charlotte, NC 28202; Erin Morris (704)716-6135,, Web site.

Nov. 17, Concord - Santa Scramble 5K, 2pm; $17 by 11/10, after $20. Info: Phidippides Sports Center, POB 1284, Concord, NC 28025; Keith Alley/Perry Gabriel (704)786-3312,

Nov. 22, Charlotte - Charlotte Turkey Trot 8K, 5K, Health Walk, 1 Mile (19-under), 26.2 Yd. Trot Trot. Info: (704)377- URUN, Web site.

***Maybe the Turkey Trot should be my 5k goal.

These are all from this website and I only included the ones from our area....there are a lot more.

Here's the Observer's Running Planner too.

Steak in the morning

I've been slowly creeping my way through Piper's "Don't Waste Your Life" and feel like I have stumbled apon treasure. Writing something always helps dig it a little further down into my heart so I thought I would post a few of my favorite quotes so far and maybe they'll encourage you as well. Get your knife and fork ready!

God created me -- and you -- to live with a single, all-embracing, all-transforming passion -- namely, a passion to glorify God by enjoying and displaying his supreme excellence in all the spheres of life. Enjoying and displaying are both crucial. If we try to display the excellence of God without joy in it, we will display a shell of hypocrisy and scorn and legalism. But if we claim to enjoy his excellence and do not display it for others to see and admire, we deceive ourselves, because the mark of God-enthralled joy is to overflow and expand by extending itself into the hearts of others. The wasted life is the life without passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all people.
We were made to see and savor God -- and savoring him,
to be supremely satisfied, and thus spread in all the world
the worth of his presence. Not to show people the
all-satisfying God is not to love them.
To make them feel good about themselves when they were
made to feel good about seeing God is like taking someone
to the Alps and locking them in a room full of mirrors.
The really wonderful moments of joy in this world
are not the moments of self-satisfaction, but

We waste our lives when we do not pray and think and dream and plan and work toward magnifying God in all spheres of life. God created us for this: to live our lives in a way that makes him look more like the greatness and the beauty and the infinite worth that he really is. In the night sky of this world, God appears to most people, if at all, like a pinprick of light in a heaven of darkness. But he created us and called us to make him look like what he really is.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Turnovers, anyone?

I love apple, cherry, blueberry.... But this kind made me want to throw up.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thoughts today

Today was emotional. I cried...and I don't really cry a lot. Not because I knew anybody directly connected to any of the attacks 6 years ago. I don't. I don't know anyone who knows anyone that was there. I think I try to ignore thoughts about death and tragedy because I'm scared of them. I don't want to think about it or deal with it so I just let it all pile up and then it comes spilling out.

So I was watching Oprah's show on the children and families of the 9/11 victims (I know, you can scold me). It was heart wretching. Watching little boys cry for their daddy and women ache to have their husband back. It was just too much so I thought reading Piper's article on it might help give me a more biblical perspective. It made it worse. He spoke truthfully about the guarantee of death (and great reward following) and I just couldn't handle it.

Josh called my cell and I answered in sobs. I couldn't really talk to him except to tell him that I was sad and I would be ok. When he got home we talked a little more and he gave me some good perspective.

I have struggled for awhile now with fear of death. Not necessarily mine but others close to me. I have to really fight this when Josh goes out for a gallon of milk or is late home from fact, I nearly lost it yesterday when it was 6:30 and I hadn't heard from him. I was in the car headed to his school to find him when he called me. I had been doing a lot better with this until just recently. I think it comes in seasons. My fear is mainly of the pain and grieving and loss that comes with death. I have a horrible picture of what it would be like in my head. I haven't lived through it yet, but it's inevitable that I will.

This was part of Josh's point. Oprah can offer no hope. She cannot experience grief like a believer does because she doesn't have eternal hope. She can't offer that truth after the numerous stories of tremendous pain are told. She has nothing to say. The stories are told, we cry, they cry and the credits start rolling. The end. But it's not the end for us and I EASILY lose sight of that.

Then I read Piper's article through the lens of worldy grief (no hope) and get overwhelmed by the reality of death and am blind to the glorious hope to which we are called...."an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for you..." I haven't yet walked through this kind of grief, and haven't personally experienced the hope, comfort and sweet, sufficient grace the Lord gives in those moments of great pain and loss. But I can know that He will be all that I need when I do.

I think I have already started grieving at one time or another the death of everyone really close to me. That is no way to enjoy the good gifts God has given me. So I will continue to ask the Lord to show me truth from His word and meditate on the promise of the inheritance.

1 Thess 4:13...

But we do not want you to be uninformed, brother, about those who are asleep, that you may not grieve as others do who have no hope. For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, God will bring with him those who have fallen asleep.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Great opener, boys!!!

How 'bout them apples?!?

Saturday, September 08, 2007


I am SO excited right now! Isaiah just said his name! Just as clear as could be in his sweet, little voice came, "yay-yay-ah!" He even said it a couple of times after that! I'm a proud mama!!!

Yesterday, he made a new best friend...his spoon. It went EVERYWHERE with him ALL day. So last night in the car as we were telling him that it is called a spoon, he begins to say over and over, "oon! oon!"

Right now he's rambling a mile a minute in his own language.

I think we have a talker!!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Do they all do this?!?

Apparently, Isaiah has been taking lessons from his big brother Max. At first there was the ripping sound. Then there was Isaiah who was holding his diaper which was only covering half of him now. THEN, next to Isaiah was the warm, wet, dark spot on the carpet. Yes, my adorable little boy ripped off his diaper, turned over and relieved himself on the living room floor. Is this a boy thing?!? Is he now bored of his diaper and wants to try peeing in new locations???

Other "new" things Isaiah has been doing lately:

--opening up a book and "reading" it with perfect vocal inflections making statements, exclamations and asking questions.

--signing (much more consistently now) that he's ready to eat, would like more and is all done.

--walking along furniture and occasionally letting go and standing on his own for a few seconds. Sometimes he just props himself up with his little pot belly...that's too funny!

--opening every cabinet and drawer in reach, and now standing and trying to turn door knobs...great. On more than one occasion he's closed himself into a dark bathroom, firmly planted in front of the door and cried while I had to push him out of the way with the door.

--talks NONSTOP. Again, using all the right inflections for what he's passionately trying to say in his own language.

--fights for toys with Karis...though she usually wins :).

--is learning to put toys in different containers and take them out again.......over and over and over. He's also building with blocks and learning to work all kinds of more complicated toys.

--squeezing himself into tight spaces - like under the legs of chairs, small tables, between furniture - and then getting frustrated when he can't figure out how to get out. It doesn't keep him from trying it again though!

Though this age has come with seeing a lot more sin (his and mine!) and training, it has honestly been one of the most fun so far! I love you, little man!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

What a loss...

This makes me so sad. Music lost a giant this morning.
Few (if any in my life time) have come close
to this man's achievement, passion, and ability
to bring tears to eyes of all different walks of life
and musical preferences.

Often credited for bringing opera to the masses through his collaboration with pop musicians and now, a household name, he will be greatly missed.

Farewell, Luciano.

Read about and listen to the man who really became legendary.

So Far....

Thanks for your interest in how school has been going so far. I'm writing this waiting for my 2nd graders to come. I've already had K4, 4th, Kindergarten, 5th and that order. That has definitely been my main challenge so far. Not having them consecutively kinda leaves my head spinning by the end of the day. I learn something about what works for Kindergarten and then 5th grade comes in on their heels. I definitely feel like I'm still trying to figure out what each group needs from me without making this a full time job....planning takes almost as much time as the actual teaching does because of all the different grade levels.

I will say that the kids themselves are absolutely precious! This is SO different from teaching middle school in the public school system. It is so freeing to be able to hold these little guys to the standard of God's Word...and have them respect that! And also to be encouraged (and even prayed for!) by my administration to uphold those principles.

My students are respectful, energetic, passionate, extremely intelligent (a few of my 6th graders intimidate me!), and more eager to learn than I ever expected. I have been so entertained just listening their stories and questions and answers to my questions.

We have covered steady beat and started today on rhythm patterns. When I asked my 4 yr olds what thing in their bodies keeps them alive by keeping beat, several responded with "Jesus" and "the Lord." When the 3rd graders were asked what their favorite kind of music was and why, one student wrote, "My Lord. Because He is mighty and great and powerful!"

They crack me up.

This morning in chapel, the students were answering questions from memory from what sounded like the children's version of the Catechism. It wasn't until they finished reciting the answer to the 5th question that I realized they were remembering what they learned from last year!

So...I'm still learning the ropes and trudging through the planning of it all. I REALLY love that it's only 2 days a week, but I also really love that I'm here 2 days a week.