Saturday, April 28, 2007

Update on Josh's tummy

We decided he should go to Urgent Care (which isn't AT ALL urgent) and waited 1 1/2 hours until someone saw us. By that time he wasn't great but not as bad as least not throwing up anymore. They basically said exactly what we was a viral infection in his intestines and they gave him a shot of phinegrin (I have no idea how to spell that) which took effect almost immediately although Josh said it burned worse than any shot he's ever had. It also put him in a deep sleep as soon as we got home. They also gave him a prescription for more if he needed it.

I learned in the process that Hartness' blood pressure tends to bottom out when they're sick which had me a little panicy at first when the nurse said his top number was 86! Then I talked to his mom who told me that that's just what they do. The nurse didn't want Josh to leave for awhile after his shot and then wanted to wheel him out in a wheel chair....apparently concerned he would pass out. He didn't.

Funniest thing I heard while there was when the doctor asked if Josh was still nauseous and he replied, "I'd say it's more of an ache....with just a tinge of nausea." What?!?

The techni-color yawn... least that's what Josh calls it AND it's what he's been doing all morning. You probably call it throw up, ralph, yack, puke, whatever. This ugly little bug has been through all 3 of us now this week and all of Josh's family (except maybe his dad). It's been nasty...the roughest part has been short lived but man, it leaves you feeling it for several days. I had it Tuesday night and still don't feel 100% but better today than any other day. Isaiah mainly had diahrrea, a low grade fever and loss of appetite. He's acted completely normal otherwise and seems to be his usual adventurous self today...chewing on carpet and such.

So this is what being sick with a baby feels like. I am so thankful that Josh took a day off to take care of us and that this thing didn't hit everybody at once. I'm at least able to take care of him...although he's instructed me to call his mom several times to ask her what to do....I know, I want my mommy when I'm sick too. I just don't know how to make his tummy feel better.

What do you do?!?

I've been cleaning the bathrooms, washing sheets and pillowcases, and spraying Lysol like crazy with all the windows open. We are fully stocked on Jell-o, crackers, ginger-ale, popcicles, chicken noodle soup and Immodium AD, but Josh can't keep ANY of it down...not even a few sips of Sprite (bless his heart). I'm out of ideas. I've been keeping cold rags on his head when he'll let me, but he's just so pitiful saying that his stomach just hurts and "what can you do to make it go away?"

Hopefully the germs will fly away soon enough for Josh to not get too behind at school. It's a pretty stressful time of year to be out (as he found out the hard way this past week).


Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I'm selling all of my Mary Kay stuff at 40% off to get it out of my house. Here's the link to my Craig's List post if you're interested.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

1 year old

I just realized that I let my first blog birthday go by without noticing. My very first blog post titled "Virgin Blogger" was on April 14, 2006. I was 6 mos pregnant and headed to Seattle to visit my friend Meghann for spring break. I was scared to death that my plane would crash.

I've spent the last 20 mins or so reading through old posts and your comments to my posts. I'm am just in awe of the journey we've been on since then, and how faithful God has been in the many changes He has called us to make.

The biggest one in my mind is the call to be parents of our beautiful son and for me to quit my job teaching to stay home with him....which meant the call to live off of one teacher's salary. I journaled the process of making that decision on my very last day of work and worried about how we would make it (see "My heart is a theme park" on June 13, 2006).

Many of you really reached out to me in my fear and offered such sound wisdom and comfort for my heart...I get teary thinking about it. What a faith leap that was for my heart and what rich, rich reward has come from it. I can't put it into words, but I have a feeling I don't need to. You know exactly what I mean.

So thank you for following this blog over the past year of our lives. It's been one of the biggest years of my life and your moral support through these transitions have meant the world.

I look forward to coming back here many more times and just journaling out more of the faithfulness of our sweet and gracious Savior in our lives.

This was taken in Seattle.

All worth it.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Easter and spring break photos

Adorable little boy

This is the lamb cake Nana (my mom) makes every Easter. (I'm kicking myself for not taking anymore pictures there....we had dinner there and were pooped.)

Lunch at Grammie and Pop's house and then a card game (one of our favorite things to do).

Helping Daddy with his game (he needed it!)

Grammie (Josh's mom) and Sassy (Josh's grandmother)

Cutie Pie!

Pops (Josh's dad)

Ahh...spring break at the beach


First time Isaiah actually enjoyed the beach

My two beach boys

Washing the sand off

More beach pictures this summer....

Monday, April 16, 2007

Proof we're in the good ol' south

Come an git it!!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Good Friday!

Tonight Josh and I are going to a passover banquet with my family. It's an annual Seder meal celebrated and hosted by Word of Messiah, a Messianic Jewish ministry.

My family used to celebrate this most years as I was growing up, but it's been a long time so I'm looking forward to it as I'm now able to understand more of what it all means. I do remember some of it like dipping the parsley in salt water symbolized the tears of the Israelites and the bitter herbs symbolized their years of slavery (I think). Also the unlevened bread is a reminder of how quickly they fled Egypt and then the lamb, which is obviously Christ.

It's really interesting and adds so much meaning to what all we're celebrating. I recommend it if you've never done it.

I'll update about it later and try to remember what food means what.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter dress rehearsal

Yesterday Isaiah and I had one of the best photo shoots we've had in a long time! I finally pieced together his little Easter outfit and was trying it on for size (there's a lot of pressure on a girl to have her kids shined up for Easter sunday!). Seemed like a good photo opp. I didn't want to post his whole outfit yet (I know it's a little shallow) so here are a few snapshots of our little half naked man in motion.

The funniest part was trying to snap pictures before he could scoot over to me to grab the camera strap. I was laying on the floor just gut laughing because I couldn't keep backing up and get the camera focused before he was at me again swatting at the camera! He's moving really fast these days!

Scooting along!
Capt. Isaiah

big glasses for Big Iz (eyes)

my baby blues

Monday, April 02, 2007

My own superstar

Can I just brag a moment? Tonight I went to a talent show at Josh's school that I was not very excited about. Lugging Isaiah into a crowded gym at 6:30pm where he would have to be quiet for an unspecified amount of time did not appeal to me and I nearly turned the car around and headed home, but I would have missed it.

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed watching the Irish step dancer, rediculous blindfolded pianist, martial artists, step teams, dancers and a plethora of singers. They were all really good, but the best part for me was when a very tall, handsome man stepped onto the middle of the floor with a tenor sax and kids everywhere started yelling and cheering. One group of girls yelled "We love you, Mr. Hartness!" Others were whistling and yelling other encouragments. And then he played his heart out.

They probably didn't understand the years of preparation that went into being able to pull off that jazz tune (that he had to transcribe by ear) or the nerves that he tried to hide, but it was crystally clear that they loved him. No other teacher received that kind of welcome while I was there and I just stood off to the side, holding Isaiah and soaking up every minute, making sure that Isaiah knew that was his daddy - the humble, kind teacher who really loves his kids - making that beautiful music that everyone was cheering for.

I love you, Baby. A girl couldn't be prouder.

Turning Green?

I've been hearing a lot of the buzz about global warming, and even think that we're feeling some of the effects now. I admit to having been really critical on this issue in the past, but now I'm giving it more serious thought. I would like to hear your thoughts....

Do you think global warming is happening? Why or why not? If you do, what changes (if any) are you making?

In the meantime, Time put out an interesting article on "51 Things We Can Do" to save the planet. Lots of interesting ideas including blueprints for your own green house.