Friday, March 02, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

Welp. We've moved the boys into the playroom/now-their-bedroom, but their sleep arrangements are very temporary (the full bed they were sleeping in is being converted back into a crib). Right now they are are sleeping in a tent filled with blankets and pillows. It's the one they sleep in at Grammie's house and she was kind enough to let us use it for awhile. They are absolutely thrilled.

But it's not a bed.

{Manny insisted on being in every one of the pictures I took.}

Yesterday, I sat on the floor in there for a long time and just kinda looked around. It's a small room and there's a lot of stuff crammed in it. I'm not happy with it (shocking!) and keep thinking that there's a better way to set it up.

{a glimpse from the door}

A few things that need to happen in there to make it more functional:

  • New paint. The bright green was from Isaiah's jungle themed nursery 5 years ago. Yuck. I'm thinking a soft gray.
  • Take down all nursery shelves and decor. Yep. 5 years old.
  • A bed. Preferably bunk beds. We have a set from my parent's house, but I thinking more and more that they are too big and will completely overwhelm the room...which is not hard to do.
  • Some vertical storage. Maybe either a 5 shelf bookcase with bins at the bottom to corral things, hanging shelves or a mountable cabinet of some sort. I want to be able to store things out of a little boy's reach. :)
  • Possibly move all the boys clothes out of the dresser and into the closet so we can free up some much needed floor space...but then, we would possibly need some more storage options for non-clothing items now stored in the closet.

    {said dresser. a hot mess.}

{here's our current toy storage area from Ikea. we really like it.}

I think this is the bed we're leaning towards. It's $199 at Ikea and I just found it on craigslist for $110 including a cute canopy. We might go for it.

The downside is that we lose under-bed storage. The upside is that it's super compact.
A few more options from our friendly neighborhood Ikea (we like cheap and efficient around here)...

{for easy closet organization. $3.00}

{A $2 wall shelf?!}
{cute and inexpensive brackets}

{a wall mounted storage center that uses bins like our toy storage}

{I love this pack of 3 baskets.
Especially hanging from wall hook
and at $5 for all 3.}
{and speaking of wall hooks...aren't these cute?
they are also rubber so there are no sharp edges and are
$2 a pop.
every little boy needs a place to hang his cape.}

{a darling basket for all the stuffed toys I thought
I would never have as a mom of boys. $5.}

{a big basket option though I think I like this more
for the nursery. $20}

Some of my inspiration....

I love that they're using the Ikea bed.

So nice and neat.

They almost have me convinced that a little boy's closet could actually look like this.

Not a huge room but they seem to make good use of storage space. I might need to get that pillow. :)

I just love so much about this. Check out that curtain rod.

I've shared this picture before, but I really like the idea of them having a place to be creative.

Within reason.

I love this option for storing books. I mean, they're spice racks for crying out loud!

Now an interesting idea! Not sure I would be able to maintain sanity trying to keep it looking neat though. You give me much to think about, Pinterest.

Another great use of vertical storage.

More spice racks for storage... on the side of a dresser. I don't know who thought of this but I want to kiss them on the mouth.

I mean, seriously! This is one of the coolest kid rooms I've ever seen. That momma is BA and her son should bring her flowers every day of his life.

This one stops my heart a little.

And there we have it. I can't even let myself think too much about decor until I can figure out how this little space is going to function. I can almost see it though....almost.

So, here's the most important part of this whole post cause I need fresh eyes and a lot of help, people: what would you do?