Thursday, March 20, 2008

Still swooning a bit...

And totally kicking myself for thinking that they would confiscate my camera and make us take it all the way back to the car....therefore having no good pictures of my own of this amazing show. It was quickly after the opening act began that we realized cameras were heart hurts just thinking about it. was absolutely the most enjoyable concert I've ever gone to...and I've been to my fair share. I don't think my feet have touched the ground yet. I knew we were in for a good show with Michael Buble, but the opener floored me! They were called Naturally 7 and are an acapella group from NY that do all of their own instruments with their VOICE. They sounded like a chior with a full band behind them! Josh even thought they were using special effects on their mics...such little faith :) They did drums, bass (he was unhuman-like), electric guitar, turn tables, violin and trombone. Our jaws were on the floor pretty much the whole time. See them for yourself here.

And then the man He serenades with the sound of Frank Sinatra. Even his speaking voice is captivating. I have always loved the old crooner sound, but to come out of a 32 year old! Frank died before I really appreciated him and in a small way Michael's voice transports me back to before my time. Anyway, I fully expected him to be incredible, not to mention the 10 piece band of genius' that played with him. But he was really funny! A few highlights were of him pointing out how miserable two guys up front looked, how they must have been dragged there by their wives and then ordered them two beers with refills all night. He also pointed out 2 young girls ages 15 and 12, thoroughly embarrassed them by telling them how cute they were and how having "young cutie pies" in his audience keeps him responsible because otherwise "I would turn Amy Winehouse in this place so fast!" He hopped off the stage to take pictures with them, hugged a random guy, danced with another lady kissing her on both cheeks while she pretty much groped him.....poor guy. He wasn't offended and laughed about it.

If you already like his music then DEFINITELY go see him live! It made me realize how much I would love to see Tony Bennett before he dies. Michael and others have named him the "last man standing."

Anyway, he was charming, funny, gushing toward the wonder he sells so many tickets. But don't worry, he had enough locker room humor to keep me from idolizing him!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Big night out

We're off to a fabulous dinner at the Jazz Cafe and then to see this talented fellow with a voice like Frank Sinatra sing his little heart out. We have such sweet family that know EXACTLY what to get us for Christmas. Thank you, Randy, Patti, Dee and Stacey!

If they let me take pictures, I'll post them.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Driving me to drink

No, I'm not drinking anything other than water, but if I was an alcoholic today very well may have knocked me off the wagon. I have been frustrated and impatient ALL day. A ton of little things have added up and I have been harsh over and over.

This morning I kept my neice and nephew, who were not at all a problem, but it just seems that when other kids are here Isaiah is much more of a challenge. More fussy, whiny and slow to obey. I was a referee most of the time for the two boys who haven't quite learned how to share toys, and while I'm managing, redirecting, reminding, warning, disciplining, feeding, changing, etc Max was AWFUL. The last thing I needed! He doesn't listen anymore and runs away frequently. He terrified my nephew who doesn't like dogs, so he ended up in the garage while they were here. Then he woke Isaiah up from his much needed nap 3 times with constant barking at something in the yard. It didn't help that I've felt very tired today and was trying to rest myself.

Then, with a busy weekend ahead, I decided I should start planning for school Monday and the entire time I was online searching site after site and not finding what I need, the internet went out probably 10 times at least. And it continues to go in and out as I type this. Grrrrr....

Honestly, at this point I would love to include a nice, long quote or verse that gets at the heart of my sin. You know, something I've read that's convicted me and given me right perspective and would then turn and encourage you. Sorry, I'm not there yet. My heart is ugly right now. I really want the world to stop and cater to me because I'm low on energy and high on hormones these days. So, I'll go deal with that now, and maybe you could pray for me?

...and thanks for listening :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Um, what?

This is what I keep hearing from people. Mainly, because I can't talk. I remember this when I was pregnant with Isaiah. Literally, words just don't come into my brain at the right time. I want to say something extremely simple and my mind goes blank. Some times I can't even start the sentence (it reminds me of a time when a friend was stuttering and kept beginning new sentences and I said, "So, which of those sentences do you plan to finish?" I know, mean right?)

Then, when the words come they are often too late and all in the wrong order. For example, instead of saying something like, "what about that is hard?" It will come out, "what hard is about that?" This happens ALL the time now. I just can't think of what to say. I know people who've been around me lately will think that this isn't all that true, but if you knew how long it took me to say the sentence in my head first to make sure it was right, you'd feel a little sorry for me.

All that to say, I really want to blog. But you might need a mirror to read it :) And yes, I edited and proof read this about 3 times before posting it.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Update on the little people

Life with Isaiah these days can be characterized by words like nonstop, off the walls, off the furniture, rambunctous, gut laughing one minute, ready to claw eyes out the next (this describes me), new words, A LOT of bananas, running, throwing balls, major Daddy attachment, sweet kisses all the time, playing hard until he's red in the face, endless discovery of new "no-no's" and great interest in the old ones.

He still loves to sing "E, I, O" which is Old MacDonald and a new song called, "Ho, Ho-sanna" that I sang as a little girl. He just sings, "Ha, ha, ha, ha." He is still REALLY into phones...especially cell phones and often calls people when I don't know it so if you've gotten a hang up recently from us, I promise it wasn't me. The other thing that he loves doing is hiking one leg up on the couch, pull himself up and then jump all over the couch...we're working on sitting on our bottoms :)

He's now saying no, yes (sometimes), Daddy, Momma, Nana (for my mom and banana), Papa, Pop, Ma (Max), Buddy (my parent's dog), nose, ear, eye, toes, knee, ball, cookie, hey, bye-bye, ba (bath), shoes, sock, k! (ok!), men! (Amen!), and tries to repeat what we say all the time...and yes, I know that's scary.

He's also been pointing at my tummy and saying, "Baby? Baby?" I'm pretty sure he's really trying to say "belly button" -OR- he's a genius child with crazy perception abilities.

Because there IS a baby in there! A lot of you knew that, but this is the first time I've blogged about it so here's an update: I'm 10 weeks, due Oct 3rd and got to see our little one for the first time yesterday. The ultrasound tech wasn't there, but Dr. Jones wanted to see the heartbeat so he attempted it himself. We saw the sweet little flicker of a heartbeat, but only for a second because the little bit was kicking and flipping around. Then I laughed, moved too much and right when he found it again the screen went blank. So no pictures, but we were thrilled to get to see that! I have been fighting to not be anxious as I waited 6 weeks to know anything, but God was really sweet to me and gave me a lot of grace in that that I tend to struggle in a lot.

So, we are both really healthy, and I'm blessed to not get sick in pregnancy...just tiredness and a lack of patience :)

(Now I get to add my own little baby widget!)