Thursday, February 18, 2010

Isaiah learns an important lesson

Here's a peek into a very typical conversation between my little red-neck and me.

Please note:

1. I do not sound like that in real person. The camera has transformed my voice into a back woods she-man. I am elegant, refined and have a very dainty voice in real life.

2. Isaiah had just eaten black bean hummus. Hence, the black stuff around his mouth. Now, I don't know why somebody couldn't have taken 2 seconds to wipe his mouth off.....I think she was busy being elegant, refined and dainty.

3. Clearly, the makeover of our bedroom has not taken place yet.

4. I have no idea why all videos I take with that God-forsaken camera turn out to be extremely yellow. We are not yellow, nor are our surroundings. Maybe someone could shed some light on that for me.

And now you may proceed....


Anonymous said...

Hey it won't let me watch. It says it's a private video. What do I do? You know I love to hear Isaiah talk so I am SO looking forward to seeing this.

Love y'all, Kristin

Josh and Dana said...

Oops...sorry. I think I fixed it now. :)

Shawnda said...

Hilarious! ; )

Amy A. said...

Way to go Dana! Set that cutie straight! Girls are strong!!

Corey said...

That was so funny!! His little accent is hilarious.

A Joyful Chaos said...

How sweet!