Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Poof fail

Well, here's how it started.

Last night, I accidentally fell upon this video. A 12 minute, step-by-step tutorial on how to get your hair to do this amazing thing of beauty and joy forever:

(taken from brodyfrancis.blogspot.com)

I mean, have you ever seen such a poof?!?

Impressive, right???

(And let's please try to forget about the fact that it might be nice to be blond, skinny and work a pink top like that. Moving on.)

Now, while that might be just a wee bit more poof than I'm comfortable with, I think she rocks it, and this whole thing has fanned aflame in my heart my intense love of hair.

I really like messing with hair.

I wanted to go to beauty school.

My bangs miss the 80's.

I study everyone's hair.

I ask annoying and numerous questions in the presence of any hair care professional.

And if you know me, you know that I also really enjoy a good challenge.

Challenge: The Poof

Culprit: My Poor Hair

Contender: Girl With Too Much Time On Her Hands

The Fine Print: while I do have naturally curly hair, I straighten it. And when I straighten it, it forgets it was ever curly and acts like fine, straight hair...with an attitude. I also never, ever use hairspray. I think my hair went into shock today. That's all I know to say.

I did everything she said to do. I divided my hair into sections at the crown, sprayed, then teased. Oh, how I teased.

The results?

Well, you may need a bucket or a lined trash can but here you are.

The things I do for you.

Just a word here about how special you are.
There is not one molecule of makeup on my face.
I never let people see my real face.
I am also still wearing my pajamas.

Now go back to your freak show.

Raked through and tied down....

please note the lack of poof.

So, in reflecting on this valuable experience, I think the moral of the story is 2-fold.

1. I need to find something else to do during the boy's naptime.

2. The art of "Poofing" should be left to the Alabama pageant girls.

Here's to hoping your hair adventures show up on your blog too. :)


Mama Llama said...

LOVE it! you need to send the blog a link to this! HA!
1-- I think she is from Arkanasa

2-- I think having dyed hair (aka fried and brittle) helps. This hair dye virgin would nopt do well either

3-- I have been teasing the back of my hair a little more since watching this video, though I admit I have wanted to try the poof too!

4- I just think blondes do the poof better.

5-- no makeup?> girl... I would look like DEATH with no makeup. you have some rockin eyebrows and NO bags under your eyes... I thought you were a tired mom of 2 babies??

6--I have though of posting a step by step of me doing my makeup... totally NOT brave enough to do that. :)

Josh and Dana said...

I totally should dedicate this post to you, Carrie! After all, it WAS all your fault. :)

And I agree on the blond thing. The dye makes the cuticle open up, thus making it more "frizzy." (so says my hair dresser)....which is precisely why I stopped highlighting mine. Naturally curly + extra frizz = Gross.

AND I think you really should do a post on your make up....you'd do great. I'm pretty sure I've seen you without your makeup before...def not death...you should totally do it. :)

Martha said...

Dana, you look beautiful - no makeup needed! And I just have to say that I had a weird dream the other night that my hair poofed and I couldn't make it stop. Seriously! What a weird coincidence!

Kelly said...


I thought of you when I read this:

nicole said...

Just when I thought my morning was a total loss!! Thank you!! LOL!

And you look beautiful with no makeup!! Seriously!

Ashley said...


You are gorgeous! You have such a beautiful complexion. You really don't need make-up. I am going to try the poof. :)

Pam said...

Hilarous! I love this blog!