Monday, January 11, 2010

Help me bring sexy back

I can't believe I just titled this post that way. Josh would be disturbed and a little embarrassed.

"Really, Dana? Justin Timberlake?"

Oh well. Moving on.

I'm about to give you an unsolicited, untouched, real-life tour of our bedroom.

You know, where the "magic" happens.

(please don't throw was just a small joke.)

Now normally, if you were to come to our house, unless you're family or friends that are basically family, this room would be locked and boarded up.

But today, because I'm such a good Christian, I'm putting what little pride I have aside.

(I realize I might be able to get away with that line, except for that fact that most of you know me....but if you happen to have found me by some random google search, please know that the above line is completely true. Really. You should get to know lack of pride exudes. And as you may have already noticed, I am also very self-aware and honest. :) )

And the reason I'm showing you this room is because...

I need help.

This room is very unsexy. And I think the master bedroom should be a restful, peaceful sanctuary in the house. Mine is not. And here are a few of the reasons:

1. It is small.
2. It doubles as our office.
3. We are unorganized.
4. We don't know what to do.
5. We've crammed a lot of furniture into it.
6. I had a small obsession with wedding pictures 6 years ago.
7. I am apparently fresh out of any material that could be used to remove dust.
8. It is small.
9. My husband likes to collect computers so he can one day build the Fastest Computer Mankind Has Ever Seen and take over the world.

("What are we going to do today, Brain? What we do everyday, Pinky...")

So, it's time to make it over. Here's where you come in.

I have a few ideas I'll share with you, but then I want your feedback.

Preferably not feedback like,
"Oh wow. That would suck."
Or "this is just a great reminder of how blessed I am."
Or "thanks for helping me reach a new level of contentment."
Or anything starting with, "bless your heart..."
Or "So just 2 kids, huh? Plan to have anymore? Hmm."

Now, I would like you to remember your good southern manners, but don't lie to me. In fact, a bit of northern directness would be refreshing, but please don't hurt my feelings.

Let's say Virginia....for good balance.

Just kidding. I'm a teacher. I have to give directions or I feel irresponsible but, like my students, you can ignore them.

Let's begin the tour, shall we?

Door to the bathroom:
Printer, filing cabinet, haven for all loose papers, bills, etc:

Office/dresser with tv/computer:
(See? I didn't even remove my breakfast bowl, that's how prideless I am...)

Top o' dresser #2....a subtle shrine to our union:

Stress zone aka office aka the problem:

Closet and life size picture of me in my wedding dress, in case you missed the wedding:

Um, not sure what to do with these. They were on sale right after we got married:

My night stand (Josh didn't get one and sometimes he likes to bring it up):

So there you have it. Now here are a few ideas I've had:

1. Paint the room red (and change bedding). Think Behr Pottery Red or some kind of wine color.

2. Come up with a new system for organizing the office in a way that can be contained and out of sight if we want it to be. And we do. Perhaps a wardrobe or armoire? This would require taking out one of the dressers, consolidating and purging clothes. We're so fine with that.

3. Remove most of the wedding pics, but leaving the one above the bed.

4. Hang this picture I got from Josh's parents for Christmas. I love it's whimsy. It's kind of the inspiration for the direction I want to go in.
5. Do some kind of window treatments. Nothing bulky and preferably not a scarf either.

Oh yeah, and we're trying to not spend a lot (always the clencher, huh?).

So, what would you do?



Kelly said...

Geez, nobody has chimed in yet? I am not helpful here. But here are some random thoughts.

I will say that I, too, had to purge the wedding pictures. I had two prints of paintings that I love and worked the room around them.

Can you get a wireless keyboard and mouse and stick it in a drawer when it's not in use? We have a piece of furniture called "office in a box" that keeps all our stuff contained. It's nice to close everything in.

Can you make one wall with the art piece you love with those little shelves around it? Or break them up around the room?

Bedding and curtains are very easy to sew...I'd be happy to help you out if you find something you love. Also, IKEA has cute inexpensive bedding. A couple years ago I made that our Valentine's present. I bought a decent-quality duvet and now I can change covers for not very much money.

Kelly said...

There are some options for office storage furniture here:

Hilary Ann said...

i saw this today and thought of you

I love the idea of painting the walls and doing something more whimsical.

Duvets make me happy, i like being able to swap things out for a much lower cost than a full comforter set. A current faves is

And for window treatments, I think the more simple the better. Long panels that barely come to the floor are great, imo, and super easy to hang if you use clips like these I would pick a fabric that is light and airy, but not completely see through and leave your blinds up, too.

Rebecca said...

Painting would be the easiest and cheapest way to totally transform the feel of the room, if that's what you're going for. Ask yourself, "what do I want to feel when I walk in the room?" One color I think we'll do a few rooms in our new house is Restoration Hardware Silver Sage (you can google RH Silver sage pictures to see it). It seems like a soothing type of color. But maybe that's not what you're going for. So start with color on the walls.

A suggestion for the computer would be a computer armoire. I've seen several on Craigslist for under $200. Depending on what you find, it might have room for clothes drawers (like the plastic stackable ones from Target). If you went that route, you could even sell your dresser and put the money toward something else.

I agree with Hilary about panels for windows. You could get some cheap curtain rods and spray paint them to the color of choice. I like the pottery barn look with thick rods and simple panels. You could get the cheap walmart rods, spraypaint them brown or black, and tada- striking rods for very little cost. Or look for some on Craigslist (can you tell I love craigslist?)

You could also do some google searches on bedroom pictures and get some ideas to copy. Like if you want red, type "red bedroom pictures" and see what comes up in the gallery. Since I lack creativity in decorating, this is my new favorite way to get ideas.

Josh and Dana said...

Thanks Kelly and Hillary! That's very helpful! All of your ideas were great! I hadn't thought of hanging my new picture on a wall with the box thingys...see, that's why I need fresh eyes. And Hillary, I LOVE that bedding! Would you mind if we're bedding twins one day?

Oh, and I've been wanting to sew curtains for awhile now. I may take you up on your offer soon, Kelly.

Josh and Dana said...

Ooh! I like those ideas too, Rebecca! I'll have to check out RH...I usually really like their stuff. PB too! See, you're creative!

Hilary Ann said...

I would absolutely NOT mind if we were bedding twins one day =) I want to see pictures as you transform your "space" (I've picked up that word from decorating shows and blogs, haha )

Crystal Humphrey Alexander said...

Hey Dana,
i just found your blog and am excited to get to read it. My recommendation on the room change is not to paint it red. I love red (as you saw at my wedding), but several room painting experiences have taught me that very bold, very saturated colors on the wall are hard to recover from. They look good now, but maybe not in a few years, and they are difficult to paint over later. They are also a matter of taste, and can make to bold of a statement when trying to sell.
Feel free to paint it red if you like, I won't judge! Just offering some thoughts on the idea...
One idea is to stay neutral on walls and bedding, and then add color through curtains and pillows, which are not to expensive to change or replace later.
Some consider neutral boring, and I would never think of you as your choice will be honored by me!

Josh and Dana said...

Yay! Glad you found me, Crystal! And thanks for all the helpful feedback, ya'll...keep it coming! I have decided to not go with red. I started to realize that it might not be as soothing as I would like so instead I'm looking into blue/greys.
I'll be sure to get pics up when we start working on it. :)