Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Tough Being a Woman

I just started this study by the wonderful Beth Moore this morning, and was immediately reminded of why I've always liked her so much.

It's like she knows I just need so much help.

I was telling Stacey this morning that I can feel bad needing a lot of help to get into God's Word....but I really, really do. Things have been kinda dry lately.

Thankfully, I really do have the desire to meet with the Lord in a significant way every day, and I can honestly tell you I have gone through looong seasons where this was simply not the case.

My issue right now is that I just think I'm a lot dumber than I used to be.

(I'm sure you're all thinking gracious and kind thoughts about me right now, aren't you? Yes you are.)

And I'm more tired and distracted. A lot. More. Huh? What? Distracted.

Is it just the young mommy thing? Is it just me? Anyone???

One small indication of this is that I currently own 2 Beth Moore studies: "Breaking Free" and "Living Beyond Yourself." I started them in college and didn't finish either one.

(my spiritual gifts are clearly diligence and self-discipline)

Neither of them really appeal to me right now because they sound like they're a lot of work. I mean "Breaking Free"???

"Living Beyond Yourself"??? I'm doing good to just get through my own daily life.

I know, I know. That's not a fair assessment... of me or of the studies.

But truthfully, it was the "It's Tough Being a Woman" part of this title that won me over. I think it's my need for someone to sit beside me, play with my hair and feel very, very sorry for me.

(Martyr??? What's a martyr???)

I have a feeling good ol' Beth isn't going to do that though.

I just can't seem to focus and draw out deep observations and hidden treasures from the Word like I used to. I really feel like I need her promptings and specific questions to keep my mind on the right track.

One of the questions she asks you on the first day is what you're hoping to get out of this study. I thought I'd share that with you, and maybe this will help me make sure I finish this so I can come back at the end of it and tell you how God answered my prayers.

1. To be drawn into God's word in a fresh way.

2. To see who God is in ways I haven't before.

3. To fall more in love with who He is as a result.

4. To hear what He has to say to me through this study.

So, there you have it. And if anyone is interested in doing this study too, maybe we could discuss it in one of those cool chat rooms? ;)

You can even get the first chapter free here.

And just to tease you, you'll finally learn what a "megillah" is!

I know!!! ;)