Saturday, January 02, 2010

After a brief break...

of doing NOTHING....I'm back.

All 4 of us have had the hacking, snot dripping, congestion crud for the last 2 weeks so when I say we've done nothing, that means the boys have done nothing.

Ok, ok... they've done something.

They have played with new toys (oh, the toys!), napped, ate a little, watched tv and napped.

Josh has started a worm compost bin.

I have watched "Julie and Julia" about 14 times; read my amazing, wonderful, brilliant book; poured over recipes, including Julia's Boeuf Bourguignon...again....and then turned my head in fear and trepidation (it took me 4 times to type it but, DANG it looks good); made a month long meal plan and bought the groceries; used a Netti pot more times than I would like to remember; cuddled with my sweet Josh; cooked; played new board games with friends; and celebrated all the holidays.

Ok, so I lied. None of us have really done nothing, but we've enjoyed laying low and having excuses for not running around and doing a lot.

And slowly, the crud is starting to go away. But Mr. Netti pot hasn't yet.

(and PS... if you're in need of some good, cheap entertainment and your husband has never used a Netti pot before, watch him. )

Anyway, thought I would share a few pics taken with a camera on it's way out.

So, you know, don't judge my photography skills....cause they're REAL good. :)

Christmas Eve!
Sadly, this was one of the only pics I took at
Josh's parent's house before my batteries died.
Christmas there is HUGE.

Just plain cute
(I like how he poses while he counter surfs.)

On my mom's side we draw names and make that person
a gift. My mom had my brother's name and worked
for months knitting him a hat complete with detachable
beard and several detachable mustaches.
He was thrilled.

My incredibly adorable, sweet, Godly cousin Tiffany
gently crushing my uncle Jamie's head.
More about him in a later post.

Chaos. We're a big family.

New Years Eve!

Sweet Keziah.
Love spunky little girl.

What the boys did.

What the girls did.

Shawnda with a mug of her
Really Good Mulled Wine.

The Kovacs' are moving in a couple weeks
and leaving us forever to go to Texas.
I'm feeling very dramatic
and sad about it.

Anyway, this was our last
hurrah with these dear, precious friends.
It's amazing for me to look at this pic of all our of
kids because none of them were there when we
met 5 years ago.

What amazing things our God has done!
We love you Kovacs!


nicole said...

I love all the thumbs that are being sucked in that last picture!! :-)