Thursday, September 06, 2007

So Far....

Thanks for your interest in how school has been going so far. I'm writing this waiting for my 2nd graders to come. I've already had K4, 4th, Kindergarten, 5th and that order. That has definitely been my main challenge so far. Not having them consecutively kinda leaves my head spinning by the end of the day. I learn something about what works for Kindergarten and then 5th grade comes in on their heels. I definitely feel like I'm still trying to figure out what each group needs from me without making this a full time job....planning takes almost as much time as the actual teaching does because of all the different grade levels.

I will say that the kids themselves are absolutely precious! This is SO different from teaching middle school in the public school system. It is so freeing to be able to hold these little guys to the standard of God's Word...and have them respect that! And also to be encouraged (and even prayed for!) by my administration to uphold those principles.

My students are respectful, energetic, passionate, extremely intelligent (a few of my 6th graders intimidate me!), and more eager to learn than I ever expected. I have been so entertained just listening their stories and questions and answers to my questions.

We have covered steady beat and started today on rhythm patterns. When I asked my 4 yr olds what thing in their bodies keeps them alive by keeping beat, several responded with "Jesus" and "the Lord." When the 3rd graders were asked what their favorite kind of music was and why, one student wrote, "My Lord. Because He is mighty and great and powerful!"

They crack me up.

This morning in chapel, the students were answering questions from memory from what sounded like the children's version of the Catechism. It wasn't until they finished reciting the answer to the 5th question that I realized they were remembering what they learned from last year!

So...I'm still learning the ropes and trudging through the planning of it all. I REALLY love that it's only 2 days a week, but I also really love that I'm here 2 days a week.


Shawnda said...

Oh so good to hear!!!!!! So glad it's been good (though challenging!). You sound very encouraged!!!!! Praise the LORD!