Saturday, September 22, 2007

My conversation at Walmart

It was late Tuesday night and I was finally at the check out with my cart full. The cashier was a bubbly young girl (unusual for cashiers at Walmart) who was trying to make conversation with everyone who came through her line. I really appreciate that because that's how I was when I was a cashier at Sam's and Marshalls. I tried to make some kind of conversation with every customer simply out of boredom...just trying to pass the time. as she was ringing up my 13 boxes of mac and cheese (I counted) she says:

"Somebody like mac and cheese?"

"Yes, my husband. He made it very clear that he wanted A LOT of mac and cheese. He eats like an 8 year old."

"So how is being married?"

"Oh I love it...I highly recommend it."

"What do you like about it?"

"Well, my husband and I were best friends for a really long time before we were married and I would want to hang out with him anyway so now he's always there. It's really nice having someone there. He takes care of me."

"I'm just trying to figure out what's the difference, you know? I mean, I love my boyfriend and we live together. Why get married? What's the difference?"

"Well, I think my personal beliefs really play into that."

"Yeah, I mean I think you really should get married."

"And there's something about saying your vows in front of God and everyone else there. You're publicly making a promise to one another and everyone there can hold you accountable to that."

"Well, I will definitely consider that."

I can't say that I handled that the way I would have wanted to had I known. I was completely caught off guard and am learning that I can really flounder in situations like that. So, I'm convicted and reminded of scripture's command to "be prepared in and out of season."

I'm guilty of being out of practice in sharing my faith with unbelievers. This has been on my mind a lot lately. There was a time when my day was planned thinking of ways I could build relationships with the lost and engaging them in conversations that would hopefully lead to a lasting relationship and ultimately, the gospel. I know that my season of life is completely different now....I'm a wife and a mom. And I'm so grateful for the way God is growing me and sanctifying me in those roles. I know that Josh and Isaiah are my primary ministry and I love that. But, I cannot sit here and feel smugly satisfied with where I'm at in my growth and my walk with the Lord if I'm not sharing my faith and praying for the lost souls God has clearly put in my path. I forget that I'm a light to more that just my church, my small group and my family...the world is watching too.

I plan to go back to Walmart on Tuesday nights and am praying that I will see her again and have the opportunity to talk more.

In the mean time, I found this foreward by C. J. Mahaney really helpful. It's in JT's post called "The Gospel and Personal Evangelism" promoting a book by Mark Dever of the same title.

Have you had any good conversations where you shared the gospel recently? I want to hear!


Lisa said...

What an inspiring and right on post! I have had so many opportunities like that where I feel like I failed to clearly state my true beliefs because I felt so caught off guard and the pressure to say the "right" thing...good thing the work is the Spirits and not mine! I actually got to share the gospel in Spanish (whoa!) with a random Bolivian man I met at a party recently. He was asking so many questions about the difference between what I believe, as an Evangelical, and him, as a Catholic. That was a challenge- but God led me to speak from the heart of His promises.