Wednesday, September 26, 2007



Ever since seeing the movie "Stranger Than Fiction" I have been thinking about cupcakes and secretly desiring to one day discover my inner hidden cupcake artist and create these little morsels from heaven (I actually do really love to bake). I can just picture myself decked out in a cute apron, cheerfully taking my little cupcakes out of the oven and transforming them into the most adorable, mouth-watering, looks-too-good-to-eat creations. Then artfully wrapping them up oh so carefully, tying them up with ribbon and transporting them to the special someone who could really use a cupcake that day (this is what it's like to be in my head, people).

So, who knows if that will happen but good news!!! The cupcake craze is coming to Charlotte! I just saw this today and it got me VERY excited.

Now, don't you want to make me a cupcake???


Anonymous said...

This comes from someone who grew up with Jane Austin....hee. I too am a baker wanna be. I invision myself whipping up a work of art. But in actuality, I end with a big mess to clean and a so-so looking cupcake. I'll keep trying cuz I know one day it will be just as I imagine it to be.