Saturday, September 08, 2007


I am SO excited right now! Isaiah just said his name! Just as clear as could be in his sweet, little voice came, "yay-yay-ah!" He even said it a couple of times after that! I'm a proud mama!!!

Yesterday, he made a new best friend...his spoon. It went EVERYWHERE with him ALL day. So last night in the car as we were telling him that it is called a spoon, he begins to say over and over, "oon! oon!"

Right now he's rambling a mile a minute in his own language.

I think we have a talker!!!


Shawnda said...

He's a smart little guy!!!! I think you said he said his name when he was like......5 mo old or something! : )

And spoon! Wow!!! He IS going to be a talker (not in talks a lot, but talks early...and has a bigger vocab that others his age!) ; )

Sorry I missed you last night - I wanted to give you a hug, but we were late for care group! So, we had to boogy!!!