Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Holiday

I'm sitting here in my classroom during a short break and find myself really worshiping through this song. I wanted to share it:

You are my holiday.

You are right in the middle of me.

You are my hideaway.

You are home.

I'm calling out your name

oh, my holiday.

You make my heart new

and I love you.

What it is I'm trying to say....

is you are my favorite

part of me.

Shane and Shane debuted this at their cd release concert the other night and it's quickly becoming one of my favorites on this album. I highly recommend it....and them.

Their music has a way of leading my eyes upward and my heart to delight in who God is quickly and without much striving. What grace it is to me right now!

A few other "must-hear" titles to worship to from this new album: "Vision of You," "Beg," "We Love You, Jesus" and a BEAUTIFUL rendition of "Before the Throne of God Above."

"Awaken what's inside of me. Tune my heart to all you are in me. Even though You're here, God come. And may the vision of You be the death of me."


Kelly said...

How's your week going?