Friday, September 07, 2007

Do they all do this?!?

Apparently, Isaiah has been taking lessons from his big brother Max. At first there was the ripping sound. Then there was Isaiah who was holding his diaper which was only covering half of him now. THEN, next to Isaiah was the warm, wet, dark spot on the carpet. Yes, my adorable little boy ripped off his diaper, turned over and relieved himself on the living room floor. Is this a boy thing?!? Is he now bored of his diaper and wants to try peeing in new locations???

Other "new" things Isaiah has been doing lately:

--opening up a book and "reading" it with perfect vocal inflections making statements, exclamations and asking questions.

--signing (much more consistently now) that he's ready to eat, would like more and is all done.

--walking along furniture and occasionally letting go and standing on his own for a few seconds. Sometimes he just props himself up with his little pot belly...that's too funny!

--opening every cabinet and drawer in reach, and now standing and trying to turn door knobs...great. On more than one occasion he's closed himself into a dark bathroom, firmly planted in front of the door and cried while I had to push him out of the way with the door.

--talks NONSTOP. Again, using all the right inflections for what he's passionately trying to say in his own language.

--fights for toys with Karis...though she usually wins :).

--is learning to put toys in different containers and take them out again.......over and over and over. He's also building with blocks and learning to work all kinds of more complicated toys.

--squeezing himself into tight spaces - like under the legs of chairs, small tables, between furniture - and then getting frustrated when he can't figure out how to get out. It doesn't keep him from trying it again though!

Though this age has come with seeing a lot more sin (his and mine!) and training, it has honestly been one of the most fun so far! I love you, little man!


meghann said...

so fun dana!!!! sounds a lot like jake's day. i am so encouraged he is signing more....i need to start being more consistent with that. it is funny how they will shimmy themselves in the smallest spaces! jake will shut doors as well but there is no sound for like 5 minutes till i open the door and see him unrolling ALL the toilet paper!!! we have got to get them together! it would be hilarious!