Thursday, February 23, 2012

We're Getting Ready!

I have all these topics running around in my head to write about eventually, but right now I find myself only able to focus on one thing....getting ready for this baby girl.

My absolute favorite OB in the whole wide world told me Tuesday that he is going to have to travel unexpectedly on the day we were scheduled for my c section. So now Zoe's eviction deadline is one day closer...April 19th. Aaaaaaaah!!!

I am in the process of moving the boys clothes into the playroom (their new bedroom) so we can start setting up the nursery. You can read about some of my house goals here, but I thought today I would just post a little more inspiration I have for her room (not that it will actually look like these pictures). :) For some reason, this helps me clear my head a little.

I will start by saying that I am not frou-frou. A pepto-bismol room is not what I'm going for. I'm finding myself drawn to a neutral background with lots of brightly colored accents. And, of course, I always love a touch of handmade and vintage thrown in.

{Prepare for sensory overload...}

I love yellow! I'm planning to paint her changing table a beautiful, buttery shade of happiness. :)

Our nursery is tiny and this one is not, but I love all the little accents.

This picture is one of my favs because it shows what we're working with...a dark wood crib and yellow changing table.

Oh how I love a little vintage!

Look at that turquoise chandelier!

Rick-rack in the dresser/changing still my heart.

And inspiration for some of the smaller details....

Fabric poms. So full and lush. I'm hoping I have the energy to make a couple.

This is a definite for her room. Thankfully, I have tons of fabrics and have already bought the embroidery hoops. :)

I read the instructions for this mobile and am pretty sure I can do it with some shortcuts (like hot glue and no sewing). So happy and cute.

The next 3 are from a NC artist and I am completely smitten with her work. She's super affordable, a fellow etsy-ian and her pieces are just so darn whimsical and happy. I plan to frame one of these for Zoe's room and I hope to get another one for our kitchen. These are my 3 favs for the nursery.

Ladies and Gentlemen....Katie Daisy.

I'll be sure to post updates on her room as we make more progress, but if you have any ideas for me, do share!

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