Monday, February 06, 2012

My Journey to Simpler: My Notebook Review and My Guest Post!

{I'm working my way through Tsh Oxenreider's book Organized Simplicity. If you missed the first 3 posts you can read them here: family purpose statement, I'm spending 2 days a week on WHAT? and The Home Management Notebook}

So, as you can tell, this journey is a sloooow one.

I haven't posted about it in awhile because I've been making some big changes and I want them to really sink in. After I made the notebook, I put off reading the next chapter because I wanted to actually use the notebook and get used to having one. As you know, I was somewhat skeptical that I would like it, but I'm pleasantly surprised!

I use it almost every day and on the days I don't, I feel a bit lost.

Here a few of the benefits I've noticed that have happened directly because I've used the notebook:

  • a To-Do list each day that (for the most part) actually gets done!
  • I know what we're having for dinner on almost any given night. I have one place where all my meal ideas and recipes are. No more searching around in drawers and on countertops trying to remember where I put the dang grocery list.
  • I have one place where I keep all my ideas for my shop and this blog. My brain has proven pretty unreliable in pregnancy so this is a very good thing.
  • I can now look at our calendar for the month AND plan our meals accordingly at the same time! No more running back and forth from a calendar to the computer, etc trying to remember.
  • My days are broken into blocks of time and tasks are assigned to each block. I can plan for times during the day when my energy is high (morning) and low (afternoon). Now I know that I want to plan my low-energy tasks to get done during the boy's nap time, for example.
  • My weekends are MUCH more restful and I'm spending at least one day just lounging around with my family without feeling guilty because I got so much done during the week.
  • Downtime is more intentional and, therefore, more restful (one of the biggest perks by far).
  • I don't freak out when someone comes by on short notice. My house hasn't been too embarrassing and I have extra food in the freezer to share.
  • I'm more available in general for unplanned events because there is a base level of order that wasn't there before.

I've added my bible study materials to it, a master project list and am hoping to add a place to count the gifts soon (something I've wanted to do for awhile, but haven't because I never had a place to write them down).

So there you have it! Several weeks in and this non-planner is actually enjoying the added bit of structure because.....say my mantra with serves me and my family!

I may actually need a bigger notebook. :)

{Psst....I have a little guest post over at Stacey and Michelle's place today on how I menu plan. (Stacey is my sweet sis-in-law and Michelle is a dear friend from college who now lives in China!) I'm far from an expert and it's definitely not a how-to....but if you're curious, head over there and take a glance. They have a great blog chock full of things a girl like me needs in her life. I think you'll get a lot out of it too.}


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