Friday, January 27, 2012

House Goals

This has the potential to be one of the most overwhelming topics I could write about, yet it also helps me to organize and then prioritize the projects I would like to tackle. Something my husband would really appreciate.

The Nester had a link up awhile back so I'm really behind, but this is a year of big changes for us and our house is going to have to change as well in order to be up to the task.

In April we will meet our precious Zoe girl, and while we are SO excited about her, we are also feeling a little unsure of how our house is going to adjust to her being here. So, that's the top priority. Getting ready for Zoe. :)

(I will more than likely break these down into smaller posts and show the before and after pics later.)

1. Move Isaiah and Manny into the playroom.

(We have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house. Right now the boys share the smaller bedroom, and the larger one is a playroom.)

{somewhat feasible boy's room inspiration}

2. Transform the playroom into their bedroom.

3. Make their old bedroom the nursery.

{We are re-using this bedding that we had with Manny.
We chose something neutral because we didn't find out what we
were having. I absolutely love it, but also feel it's my duty to Zoe
to girl it up a bit. I know, I know....she doesn't care.}

{I really like this room. Modern whimsy is sort of
what I'm hoping for. We shall see.}

{Is that not the most precious thing?}

These top 3 things can be broken down further to include:
  • clean out Manny's closet (his clothes are being stored in their bedroom, while Isaiah's clothes have been in the playroom)
  • clean out Isaiah's clothes
  • move Manny's clothes/shoes into the closet/dresser with Isaiah's
  • move the boys' books into their new bedroom
  • acquire and set up bunk beds in the new bedroom
  • reassemble the crib
  • make nursery cute
  • make boys' new bedroom cute

{I love the idea of them having a place to draw on the walls}

{closet inspiration}

{I just love this}

4. Paint hallway, living room and kitchen (or at least touch up a LOT)

5. Paint trim, baseboards and chair rail

6. Paint guest/boys bathroom

7. Paint side table in living room (either a glossy Tiffany blue or gray/blue)

{I wasn't really thinking distressed, but I'm loving the look of that!}

8. New window treatments in every room except kitchen (white with thick yellow horizontal stripes in living room)

{Kinda like this but with yellow}

9. Change out the armoire for a desk in our bedroom.

10. Do this to our bathroom mirrors:

If I stared long enough, I could come up with at least 10 more things, but I'll stop before I put myself into labor.

So, who wants to come help me? :)


Roxie700 said...

One thing to think about before you give the the chalk board wall...make sure they know they are supposed to write in chalk on only that wall. Can you tell I have experiece with the mess that can happen with grandsons find sharpie markers and think any wall is fine???? Just a thought...

Josh and Dana said...

You are so right! I've had the same experience with mine using dry-erase markers on the wall. And why don't they make them washable?!

Thanks for the heads up!