Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Go to the movies tomorrow night!!!

Now, I know this isn't a high traffic area, BUT, in the off chance that you're reading this today or tomorrow AND you can arrange to have a few hours to yourself, I think this looks amazing!

I heard about it on the radio today, dug around a little online and decided it's blog worthy, if you will. :)

I don't listen to Hillsong United (though many of my students do at their churches), but I think they're about to make a bold statement on the social justice front....and you can see it in the theaters tomorrow, Wednesday, November 4th ONLY.

Here's the teaser.

Oh, and if you're local, it's showing in 2 theaters in the Charlotte area. One of them being Concord Mills AMC (insert happy dance) @ 7:30. I REALLY hope I get to see it! Let me know if you do.