Saturday, November 07, 2009

Aw Shucks

I am so grateful to be part of a church small group that loves to have fun together. Our little group is made up of our family, Terrance and Courtney (and little boy C in the oven), Keli and Caroline. We all are or have been teachers. We all live in the same area. After that, we're a pretty diverse group, which I LOVE. We're the newbies, but they have taken us in (and all our issues) with wide open if we've been there the whole time.

So, today we all (minus Terrance who had to work) went to Aw Shucks pumpkin patch and corn maze. Isaiah and Manny (and me, if we're being honest) each had their own things to overcome through the day, but all in all we had a lot of fun! The girls were so patient and helpful.

We walked through the (tiny and sad) pumpkin patch, made our way through a corn maze that looked like the Lowe's Motor Speedway logo in record time, took a hay ride, ate hotdogs, checked out the little general store, fed sheep, pet goats, gobbled at turkeys and Isaiah rode a pony. And the weather was BEAUTIFUL!

Manny, Caroline and Courtney

The General Store with an inflatable turkey
(I should let my neighbors know they make one)

The Pumpkin House

Just plain cool.


In little boy dream land.

Seriously? You call this a pumpkin?
(yeah, November is too late to get big pumpkins at
the patch)

Most of us were glad to be there.

Isaiah may have found his calling. He already talks like a red-neck...
to the point that almost all southerners who hear him laugh.
And now we know that this trait is matched perfectly with
how much he LOVED feeding those nasty, dirty, mangy sheep.
(not that people who feed sheep are red-necks. noooo.)


The girls: Caroline, Me, Keli and Courtney (and little boy C).
They were troopers to come along with our clan!
The day did not come without it's fair share of pit stops,
wet pants, spilled drinks and meltdowns.

The ticket!

First pony ride! I walked the 1st lap with him, but he decided
he wanted to do the 2nd lap all by his big-boy-britches self.