Monday, October 26, 2009

My theme song...

This mommy thing has been overwhelming lately. Not really sure why it's all of a sudden catching up with me, but it has. Josh and I have been talking through this lately (because our marriage takes the biggest hit by far), and God had been working in my heart. I keep coming back to this Psalm over and over. It has more meaning and brings more relief to me now than it ever has.

Thank you, Father, for being my help.

I look to the hills!

Where will I find help?

It will come from the LORD,

who created the heavens

and the earth.

The LORD is your protector,

and he won’t go to sleep

or let you stumble.

The protector of Israel

doesn’t doze

or ever get drowsy.

The LORD is your protector,

there at your right side

to shade you from the sun.

You won’t be harmed

by the sun during the day

or by the moon at night.

The LORD will protect you

and keep you safe

from all dangers.

The LORD will protect you

now and always

wherever you go.

Psalm 121

(found the gorgeous pic here)