Tuesday, August 21, 2007

LOTS and LOTS of birthday pictures

I have to say, I'm very proud of this cake.

Josh made it and crawled into bed at 5 am!

Thank you, Baby!

Our fun table.
Mom lent me the palm tree from her classroom.

Grammie holding Karis

Doria, Torrie and Duree

My neice Trinity

Little cousin Evan

Cousins Serenity and Evan with my Mamaw

Meghann, Jake and James...friends from church

My darling aunt Duree

My sister in law Lora

My sister Doria, best friend Meghann and my mom Denise

My brother in law Dee and neice Kayla (not his, obviously)

Aint Bee (Torrie)

My mother in law Patti

(who graciously volunteered, cleaned and help decorate her beautiful house

for us to use...and then fixed us dinner!)

and her sister Carlene

Josh's 92 yr old grandmother "Sassy"

Meghann and my sister in law Stacey

My sweet Mamaw

My new neice Kayla in her hula girl outfit

3 generations of Hartness boys....Randy, Kayden, Chris and Josh

The Gaston Clan aka our card playing partners

Cole, Corey, Laura and Lainey

Sassy and Chris, my brother in law

Chowing down like it's his full time job!

(first taste of cake and ice cream)

After a full day of birthday

All tuckered out in Pop's arms


Beth said...

Hey Dana,
Great pictures. It looks like Isaiah's first birthday was a memorable occasion!!

Hope I'll see you up at Covenant one of these days. Now that soccer has started, I'm up there quite a bit.

Kelly said...

Aw, what a sweet time. Nice to see some familiar faces :-)

Shawnda said...

WOW! That's one FUN party!!!! GREAT CAKE, Josh! GREAT decor!!! Love it! Wish we could have been there :( We love ya'll much!!!! thanks for sharing the pics! And Happy Birthday again, Isaiah! We love you!!!!

Nicole said...

I cannot believe he's already one?!?! Where does the time go??

Great pictures...looks like it was a great time!