Thursday, August 23, 2007

The upper room

My personal little haven of serenity

Now, I do love my monkeys!

That's what they call my room at Covenant because it's the only room that on a second floor. It's pretty big with 3 windows that overlook the gym....but it ain't pretty. I share it with the art teacher, which I'm grateful for....otherwise I would be totally isolated.

Bach and Beethoven and Mozart and Handel with be in this room along with countless others... famous opera singers and jazz legends. Hopefully some African drummers will join us too and maybe even a Mongolian throat singer!

I'm trying to make the room more suitable for them but I have a long way to go.....


Kelly said...

FUN! I loved setting up my classroom!!

The fact that you're sharing with the art teacher means that you will never lack for decoration, I guess...

I pray that this opportunity is a great one for you! Does Covenant allow homeschoolers to tag along for music class? ;-)

Nicole said...

I think it looks great!! :-)

Hilary Ann said...

Hey Dana,

I got to your blog through a string of others . . . I'm a high school grad from Covenant (class of '02) and just wanted to let you know that the upper room is called the upper room not only b/c it's the only upstairs room, but b/c of the upper room the disciples used (the book of Acts, I believe). When I was a student there, that room was the meeting place for chapel and various other prayer meetings. That room has been covered in prayer!

I just didn't want you to miss out on that little piece of history.

Hope you're having fun teaching all the little ones