Saturday, April 28, 2007

The techni-color yawn... least that's what Josh calls it AND it's what he's been doing all morning. You probably call it throw up, ralph, yack, puke, whatever. This ugly little bug has been through all 3 of us now this week and all of Josh's family (except maybe his dad). It's been nasty...the roughest part has been short lived but man, it leaves you feeling it for several days. I had it Tuesday night and still don't feel 100% but better today than any other day. Isaiah mainly had diahrrea, a low grade fever and loss of appetite. He's acted completely normal otherwise and seems to be his usual adventurous self today...chewing on carpet and such.

So this is what being sick with a baby feels like. I am so thankful that Josh took a day off to take care of us and that this thing didn't hit everybody at once. I'm at least able to take care of him...although he's instructed me to call his mom several times to ask her what to do....I know, I want my mommy when I'm sick too. I just don't know how to make his tummy feel better.

What do you do?!?

I've been cleaning the bathrooms, washing sheets and pillowcases, and spraying Lysol like crazy with all the windows open. We are fully stocked on Jell-o, crackers, ginger-ale, popcicles, chicken noodle soup and Immodium AD, but Josh can't keep ANY of it down...not even a few sips of Sprite (bless his heart). I'm out of ideas. I've been keeping cold rags on his head when he'll let me, but he's just so pitiful saying that his stomach just hurts and "what can you do to make it go away?"

Hopefully the germs will fly away soon enough for Josh to not get too behind at school. It's a pretty stressful time of year to be out (as he found out the hard way this past week).



Kelly said...

Ugh, Dana! I'm so sorry!!! It's awful when everyone gets sick. It sounds like you're doing all the right things, but you just have to wait it out...remember to stay away from dairy as much as possible until you are completely better, because:

1. Dairy is upsetting to tummies.
2. Dairy-smelling vomit is some of the worst to clean up. It brings out the "sympathetic vomiter" in me. :-(

And be sure to accept any and all offers of help!!