Monday, April 02, 2007

My own superstar

Can I just brag a moment? Tonight I went to a talent show at Josh's school that I was not very excited about. Lugging Isaiah into a crowded gym at 6:30pm where he would have to be quiet for an unspecified amount of time did not appeal to me and I nearly turned the car around and headed home, but I would have missed it.

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed watching the Irish step dancer, rediculous blindfolded pianist, martial artists, step teams, dancers and a plethora of singers. They were all really good, but the best part for me was when a very tall, handsome man stepped onto the middle of the floor with a tenor sax and kids everywhere started yelling and cheering. One group of girls yelled "We love you, Mr. Hartness!" Others were whistling and yelling other encouragments. And then he played his heart out.

They probably didn't understand the years of preparation that went into being able to pull off that jazz tune (that he had to transcribe by ear) or the nerves that he tried to hide, but it was crystally clear that they loved him. No other teacher received that kind of welcome while I was there and I just stood off to the side, holding Isaiah and soaking up every minute, making sure that Isaiah knew that was his daddy - the humble, kind teacher who really loves his kids - making that beautiful music that everyone was cheering for.

I love you, Baby. A girl couldn't be prouder.