Sunday, April 22, 2007

1 year old

I just realized that I let my first blog birthday go by without noticing. My very first blog post titled "Virgin Blogger" was on April 14, 2006. I was 6 mos pregnant and headed to Seattle to visit my friend Meghann for spring break. I was scared to death that my plane would crash.

I've spent the last 20 mins or so reading through old posts and your comments to my posts. I'm am just in awe of the journey we've been on since then, and how faithful God has been in the many changes He has called us to make.

The biggest one in my mind is the call to be parents of our beautiful son and for me to quit my job teaching to stay home with him....which meant the call to live off of one teacher's salary. I journaled the process of making that decision on my very last day of work and worried about how we would make it (see "My heart is a theme park" on June 13, 2006).

Many of you really reached out to me in my fear and offered such sound wisdom and comfort for my heart...I get teary thinking about it. What a faith leap that was for my heart and what rich, rich reward has come from it. I can't put it into words, but I have a feeling I don't need to. You know exactly what I mean.

So thank you for following this blog over the past year of our lives. It's been one of the biggest years of my life and your moral support through these transitions have meant the world.

I look forward to coming back here many more times and just journaling out more of the faithfulness of our sweet and gracious Savior in our lives.

This was taken in Seattle.

All worth it.


Kelly said...

Happy Blog Birthday Dana!!!