Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Small update and organization envy

Hey ya'll. Just wanted to pop my head in for a quick minute and let you know that I haven't gone AWOL on you again.

(I realize that we may have trust/abandonment issues for a little while so I'm trying to be sensitive to your needs. I'm a good blog momma like that.)

Things around here have been a little crazy. Thankfully, the shop is keeping me hunched over my kitchen table for hours and hours on end making lovelies (in fact, I stopped making one to type this), Josh and I just celebrated our 7 year anniversary (DE-lightful) and, well, Thanksgiving is tomorrow. TOMORROW.

Tomorrow night we will head to the beach with family and my mother-in-law and I will gear up like the crazy Target lady and hit the outlets at midnight. I'm already tired with anticipation.

So, since ya'll have nothing to do I thought I'd post something I was saving for a busy time like this...but deeply care about. Seriously. I need considerable help in this area so when you come up for air, I'd love to hear what you do....


....I'm sitting here in la-la land dreaming of a day when this could be a (closer) reality.....

(instructions for this layout here. instructions for obtaining a kitchen
suitable for the magazines was not immediately available.)

Just throwing this one in for the less conventional among us. :)

Here's the honest truth: I'm not a systems/process/organized kinda girl. Most of my close friends can tell you that I would rather get on my hands and knees and scrub something clean, then straighten up or create any kind of organized system.

I (on most days) am not a hap-hazard, never-know-where-anything-is kinda girl either. I fall somewhere in the middle, but I also feel a great need for more organization.

Specifically, on the side of my fridge. I have very little space to work with in my kitchen and so I would really like that little area to...

--house our calendar
--keep our grocery list
--display my meal plan
--have a space to display the boys art and little
things that mean something to them
--display pictures of friends overseas we're praying for
--keep coupons, invitations, etc.
--hang Isaiah's chore chart

Somewhat similar to this....

but cuter. :) (I think my blog is cutting half of the picture off, but if you click on it you should be able to see the whole thing.)

Obviously, since it's going on a fridge it all needs to be magnetic....and it also needs to be economic.

I really like the idea of using cute ribbon and dividing the space into nice, clean sections and having super cute magnets like these:

(buy them here.)

or maybe like this...

(again, click to read it all OR get your very own here. tell your kids they're welcome for me.)

I also wouldn't mind having some cork board up there but that's not a necessity.

Here is a current picture of the side of my fridge. Now, try to contain your underwhelmedness please.

The main needs I have as a human being in this scenario is that it be clean and cute. Ok?

I'll keep you updated on what I end up doing, but in the mean time I need some ideas....what's working for you? Or, if you're in my boat, what ideas are thinking about?


Meghann said...

OOHHHH can I PLEASE come do this for you!!! I want to!! No lie!