Friday, November 12, 2010

Easing back in and a RELAUNCH!

I hope you all enjoyed your Veteran's day yesterday!

We spent the day neck-deep in The Hartness Household Seasonal Clothes Swap Out of 2010.

(If it sounds epic that's because it felt epic.)

Josh and I also spent a large part of the day having somewhat civil marital discussions about all of our that was fun. :) Actually, despite the challenges we had, we got a lot accomplished, some good talking and the day ended well with raisinets, cider and Josh and I watching our favorite Thursday night tv. And did anyone else think 30 Rock was particularly funny this week?

But that's not why I'm here....

I've been wanting to do this for awhile, and that is.....give my blog a good old fashioned makeover! I mean, who doesn't need a fresh start every once in awhile, right?

That is why you'll start to see some changes very soon. You can look forward to a new look, a few new series (exactly how do you make "series" plural?), new pictures, a giveaway, updates on The BM of 2010 (I know you all have been on the edge of your seats for that one), new music and.....A NAME CHANGE!

(Because, well...."4 humans and their blog" just doesn't have the same inspirational and creative zing it once had. Yeah, it never had it.)

Before we do all that though, I'm going to ask the question that every opinionated blog reader LOVES to hear (and the one indecisive girls like me HATE to answer) and that is:

What topics do you like to read about?
What have you enjoyed reading about here in the past?

Please respond! A certain people-pleaser is anxiously awaiting your feedback!

(I'll give you at least 20 mins before I come back and check obsessively. Ha! I kid! But just a little bit.)

And while you gather your thoughts, I'd be OH so entertained to see what you think the new name for the blog will be. It's already picked out, but I'm throwing a little poll up in the side bar just for poops and giggles. Let's see how many folks can guess the right one!

(If you're a fellow southern girl, you should notice the theme of southern euphemisms right off the bat.)

Have fun and happy FRIDAY!!!


Anonymous said...

I have loved your suggestions on craft ideas and recipe ideas and all in cost saving ways. Also, can never get enough of your insights on family and God. Love the blog!!


Anonymous said...

I love all your stories and ways you honestly and candidly deal with life issues.


Corey said...


First of all, I want to say again how pleased I am to see that you are blogging again. I have always enjoyed reading your thoughts on here!

As for what I have liked the most in the past, I really enjoy it when you try recipes and craft projects. I love how you do them step-by-step and show all the pictures. I also really enjoy your stories about the boys, particularly anything where you write out Isiah's words phonetically.

In short, pretty much everything you do is fabulous! By all means, give us more of the same stuff we've always loved, but don't be afraid to branch out and talk about new things, too! And please keep us updated on your Etsy shop. I love looking at all your lovelies and I would love to hear updates about how all of that is working out for you!


Corey said...

Oh yeah, and the bedroom remodel stuff is great, too!

Erin said...

I vote for Poops and Giggles. You have kids, right? Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

new blog title, DANA CLAUDETTE PUMPKIN-PIE ANINSKY. Yup, I like it.

Anonymous said...

new blog title, "Dana Claudette-ninsky pumpkin-pie". yup, this is definitely correct, this time.

Josh and Dana said...

Ha ha, Teresa! It's been a long since I've heard that one. :)

Meghann said...

i love you so i like reading whatever you want to write but i think i differ from your other readers in the sense that i don't care about the crafts and recipes... you love and know me so you will not be offended by that :)

I love hearing about your family- funny stories, hard times, and how GOD IS MOVING.

But- i love anything you say and feel privileged to be included among those who know you and get to participate in your life.
love you!

Michelle said...

I'm pretty slack about commenting, but by far my favorite posts are the ones about Isaiah!!! If Matt wants to make me laugh, all he has to do is use Isaiah's accent to tell me something. That kids cracks me up!!!

I love when you post!!!