Friday, August 29, 2008


Just out of curiosity I added up what we've spent in gas this month. We drive an older Honda Accord and an older Nissan pickup truck. The damage as of today (and we're about to leave for the beach) is $392.12. Help me understand this normal?!? I was honestly a little bit shocked. I did take one trip to Raleigh when Josh was there for work that I wouldn't have normally taken and we went to the beach last weekend as well. So those aren't things we normally do in a month, but REALLY? I've been working on our budget some and allotted about $250 a month for gas. It looks like I might be hanging out at the ol' abode more.



meghann said...

welcome to the club! Due to gas concerns I now try to limit my outings so that we only go through a tank of gas in my little volvo every two weeks!!!!! It means that I have to say no o some playdates and make errands all in one day. I have learned all the local harrisburg places to go.. the library, parks, etc. It is crazy....lemme know anytime you want to crash here for an outing:)