Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Advice on cheap textbooks, please

This year, I may be able to actually purchase some music curriculum materials! I was totally on my own last year, making everything up as I went along which is not so fun...so I'm excited!

The problem is that they need to be inexpensive as there's not a huge budget for music at my school. I'm basically just looking at buying teacher's editions of the curriculum and possibly the cds that go with it. Maybe a student text to make copies of (not so sure if that's legal).

So anyway, just wanted to see if anyone knew of some good places to buy these kind of materials used...esp. you homeschooling moms. I've been looking at Amazon.com and Abebooks.com. They have the best prices so far.

Thanks to Kelly, I now have the firefox Book Burro which is very helpful. Any other ideas?


Doria said...

This may be a long-shot but Lifeway has a lot of teaching material and well as music (ie. church choir) stuff. Perhaps they have something...