Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day weekend

Right when I took this, a man with a very large belly had just walked by and Karis was pointing at him saying, "belly!"

This picture cracks me up! What kind of a face is that?!?

(Notice the cheetos all over his face)

We (Isaiah and myself) kicked off the unofficial start of summer at the beach with Josh's parents, Dee, Stacey and Karis. Josh, on the other hand, went to the race and attempted to camp out. Yes. Make fun of him. Actually, he went with a co-worker he's been building a relationship with so it was very intentional on his part...and wow, does he have some stories! Anyway, I missed him SO much, and Isaiah asked for him multiple times a day. It was really sweet coming home to him, though it was a ton of fun watching Isaiah enjoy the beach. Last year he just wanted to eat sand and crawl around. This year he's having a blast finding sea shells, taking them to the surf, throwing them in, saying, "Bye bye! See ya!"... then repeating the process all over again. He's all over the place and met quite a few strangers by going right up to them as they lay out in the sun and just staring at them....awkward. I don't know how amused they were, but one nice man gave him cheetos. Hmm...don't know how I feel about that.


Shawnda said...

ahhh! That sounds like so much fun! You had a great weekend with the weather!!! Looking forward to hearing Josh's stories! : )