Friday, May 09, 2008

Precious pictures!

Here's the first debut of our new little one to the world! While we decided not to know if there were "lines or dots" we know that our baby is completely healthy and right on track. Gosh, I SO easily take that for granted and God has been sweet to remind me of what a gift that is from Him.

I will try to explain the pictures for the grandmothers :)

Face and heart (we saw all 4 chambers pumping away!)

Laying on his/her belly

Laying on his/her back with knees pulled in. We had a very sleepy baby in there!


Anonymous said...

I already love this baby. So does Lily...we keep talking about how Isaiah is going to be a big brother! CANNOT wait to meet the newest Hartness!


Nana said...

Somehow it really hit home tonight that there is really a new grandbaby there that is living and growing. I promise to regularly pray for him/her and can't wait to hold him/her close to my heart. Thanks for the pictures.

Kelly said...

Everything looks wonderful!!