Friday, June 06, 2008

Mixed emotions

I waited as long as I possibly could. He's 22 months today, it's hot outside and he was called "a pretty little girl" by 3 different strangers yesterday. It was time. So, 1 hour, 10 bucks, some whining and almost an entire pack of graham crackers later, it was done.

At first I thought all his adorable little ringlets that I had fallen so in love with were gone. They were sooo tight in the back and when stretched out they came down to his shoulder blades. Josh and I both had those when we were little. He looked so much older and grown up which made my heart ache. Then we walked in house and in his normal whiney voice he said, "I 'ant milk!" about a thousand times.

I sighed and thought, "same kid, shorter hair." And after getting it wet, the back of his hair curled right back up. Geez. I'm dramatic.


What got us through the whole having to sit still part.

Not having the best time.

All done!

Still there!!!


Kelly said...

cute :-)

Shawnda said...

cute!! I wondered how you were feeling about that when you called! : ) I think it looks great!

Nicole said...'s cute!!! I should have noticed when I saw you guys today!!