Wednesday, June 13, 2007


For the past 4 Wednesday nights at 10pm I have sat absolutely pinned to the couch totally and completely engrossed in this new series. Josh thinks that I'm becoming more and more of a conspiracy theorist and maybe he's right. Either way "Traveler" has captivated me so I must plug it.

I'm amazed that I've never heard of these actors before. Where have they been hiding?!? I keep thinking that I'll be disappointed because the writers surely can't do what they did the week before, but I haven't had time to feel disappointed because the show holds my full attention every second. I need the commercial breaks to sort through what had just happened. Each week is a huge cliffhanger.

Don't judge me. I know I sound pathetic, but it really is THAT good (to me, at least).

I won't give anything away, but if you want to see any of the first 4 episodes go to the link above. I've told Josh a couple of times that if it was a movie I would most certainly own it. Hopefully, it will go to box set.

Ok, I'm done.