Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's day and Isaiah's dedication

Watching Daddy open his presents and cards from us.
(Daddy's tired from playing tennis all morning)
Trying to be just like Daddy!

Josh wanted Systematic Theology and Bible Doctrine.
While I know this will be really good reading for him, I wanted to get him a grill
(you know, a "fun" present)!
Oh well.

Isaiah would NOT be still during the dedication...I was sweating bullets!

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord."

Our pastor Mickey praying over Isaiah
My brother Darren, my dad and my neice Trinity eating lunch

The day really couldn't have gone smoother. We celebrated with Josh on Saturday, and then celebrated with our dads Sunday. It was really special to have almost ALL of our family at church with us to celebrate us as parents dedicating Isaiah to the Lord. A definite full circle moment for them. I remember my mom telling me the story of the day my dad lifted me as an infant up to the ceiling in the middle of our living room and commited me to God praying that God would use my life mightly for His glory. They promised to not stand in the way of His plan for my life. I can honestly say, they have parented me in light of that...never saying no to any opportunity for me to serve the Lord, no matter how long or how far away that took me. I have always been thankful for that, but never like I am now. What trust in God that takes!

My prayer is that we would parent Isaiah in the same way. Holding him loosely, knowing that he is the Lord's to do with as He chooses. I can already tell that this will be both a tremendous joy and a tremendous struggle.


Beth said...

What a joyous day, Dana. May God give you grace daily to parent Isaiah. What a precious gift he is and how fortunate he is to have such great parents who know they can't do it without grace.

PS. I didn't recognize your dad!

Josh and Dana said...

Thanks, Beth...and I KNOW! Neither Dee nor Josh's brother Chris recognized him at church. They thought he must have been my uncle! I'm really proud of him!