Monday, June 11, 2007

Not quite sharing yet...

Give it back! No, you give it back! No you!
Well, I'm bigger!
( you decide who said that)

Naw, we're just messin'!

Check out the look she's giving him!

This is a new favorite trick: he'll just throw his body all the way to one side all of a sudden and he wants you to do it back (so go ahead...don't disappoint the little guy).
Sittin' pretty!

We've really enjoyed having cousin Karis in our house the last few Mondays, and, without a doubt, both Karis and Isaiah are happiest when they're both awake together. It is so fun to watch them interact, laugh at each other and even have baby conversations with each other.

I seriously keep having to remind myself that it is NOT ok for them to get married. I joke with Stacey that if they were second cousins we could discuss it but definitely NOT first cousins!

No West Virginia jokes, please.


Stacey said...

i love that they have the chance to play! thanks so much, aunt dana!! and you're right, absolutely no marriage talk. i think lots of people have to remind themselves that our kids are cousins!!