Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My little Van Gogh

Isaiah is 10 months old today and we celebrated with a trip to the mall to walk with our friends Kristin (who really needs to join our blog world...hint, Kristin) and Lily (her precious little girl who's close to Isaiah's age). We also stopped at Starbucks and a cute kids consignment shop by our house. We came home with a couple new bathing suits, sandals and a hat, all for Isaiah, although, I'm pretty sure the whole trip was more fun for me.

I just cannot understand why anyone wouldn't enjoy shopping and then sitting in Starbucks for an hour drinking coffee!

Then we tried our hands at finger painting! Again, I think this was more fun for me. He seemed to enjoy parts of it for awhile, but I wanted him to do some hand prints and I think he just wanted to make a mess (which he did). So when he got upset the first thing he did (of course) was shove fingers in his mouth.

Oh well. We'll keep trying. I think it was worth it to him since he got to play in the tub!


duree said...

I love the art gotta get him in a museum



Shawnda said...

looks like he's having a BLAST! So fun!! : )

Mom said...

Just an idea from your kindergarten teacher mom...try fingerpainting with pudding.

Kelly said...

Good job, Isaiah!!! It looks great!

Josh and Dana said...

I just read about that today, Mom. I guess it would be a better idea than him eating paint, huh?