Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Why I love my digital camera

It has a swivel screen that flips out and faces the front.....photo shoot!
(sorry, baby)

***This is Josh's "what if I looked like this" face (above).***


Dee or Stacey! said...

gotta' love my family!

Mom said...

You certainly made me laugh...sitting here in my poor, tired, flu-ridden, hacking my guts out, feverish body...(is that dramatic enough?)

Beth said...

Are you sure you're not married to Plastic Man? Or at least Plastic Face Man? I remember he can do some incredible things with his face. Too funny, you two. Enjoy your camera!

Melanie said...

You guys look like you have lots of fun together. Keep it up!

Nicole said...

HA! Too funny!