Thursday, March 15, 2007

A few matters....

I would love for you to pray about when you think of us.

First, several weeks ago I took Isaiah in for his 6 mo check up (we were a little late) and it seems that he is just going to continue his trend of being a light weight, weighing only 15 lbs 13 oz and 26 3/4 in long. Tall and thin....hmmm. I feel sure he gets this from me.

They weren't concerned with his weight because he has gained steadily. What they are concerned about are his hips. The last several visits when they tried to rotate his little legs around there has been some tightness. This past time we were there, the lady we saw went and found the doctor we saw last time for a second opinion. He's usually really conservative, but said that since it's been noticed twice we should go ahead and get x-rays done. They both said it could be nothing more than tightness that will loosen up over time could be hip dysplasia where the bone is actually popping out of socket. I obviously really don't want this because, according to them, it would probably mean a series of castings and molds that he would have to wear. He's just starting to crawl so that's a little discouraging.

I plan to get those x-rays done today or tomorrow.

The other matter is a job interview I had yesterday. Let me first say that I wasn't out looking for a job. This one came and pursued me and was described as being very part time and minimal hours. The position is the children's chior director at Hickory Grove North. I had mixed feelings after the interview. It went really well (according to the guy who interviewed me) and I feel like I really clicked with Jason. The vision he has for this program is pretty big and he wants it to grow into some other job descriptions. I was really excited about what I would be doing and it would help a lot financially (the main reason we considered it an option to begin with). Aside from that it would give me a little break outside of the house and an outlet to do something I really enjoy.

The down side is that my hours working would have to be done on campus, and they're not entirely sure what the policy is about me not attending church there. I'm not really sure how I feel about that either which may end up being the easy answer here.

Anyway, we just really want to honor God here and all the reasons we believe He called me to stay home with Isaiah. At the same time, we don't want to pass up what may be His provision for us. So, if you don't mind, just pray for wisdom on both ends.

They want to have this person hired by sometime next week.


Kelly said...

Aw, Dana, I wish I had read this before we saw you today. :-(

we'll be praying for Isaiah's hips and your decision. Please let us know what happens.

Nicole said...

I second what Kelly said!!

Mom said...

Call me as soon as you find out about the x-rays.

I am still praying.

Michelle said...

Praying for Isaiah's hips. Any news yet?

Anonymous said...

my dear DanaClaudetteNinskeyPumpkinPie-I love you & He will fix it!