Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Funny thing happened....

First, let me tell you the events leading up to this. Last Wednesday my friend Julie had her 9th baby. I was honored to be there in the delivery room with her and her husband (under the guise of their picture taker) to experience what I can't describe as anything but super cool and miraculous.

So, it's been a busy week with both Isaiah and I battling colds, running to Dr's appts, keeping track of who had which medicine when ( you know the deal), but I really wanted to make a meal for my friend and her rather large family.

I had all the ingredients together, making what I could while Isaiah was napping but I needed to run to the store for a few other things. I get us all loaded up and ready to go when the car wouldn't start. Completely dead. So I called my other friend who's organizing all the meals and she graciously took over from there....what a sweet friend.

I calm down and happily went about feeding Isaiah, making myself lunch and then some trail mix with raisins, peanuts, banana chips, marshmallows and......white chocolate chips.

So, I'm wondering who can tell me why WATER spilled out of the bag onto my shoulder when I pulled it out of my spice cabinet (no liquids). I tested it myself. Yep, water. Just enough to cover the rest of the chips in the bag.

The really strange thing is that I felt like I could vaguely remember doing it.

Am I sleep walking or just multi-tasking WAY too much???


Kelly said...

No, you're just a mother now. Didn't you hear that pregnancy kills brain cells? And you never get them back.

meghann said...

hey your car going to be okay? you are so great at serving others...your potential meal for julie and her family was a huge way to serve them!!!!

Nicole said...

Ha! I can SO relate!

Stacey said...

that's hilarious and not unbelievable. i've also heard and believe and live the fact that pregnancy kills brain cells!