Monday, March 19, 2007

Reasons I'm happy today

Since I've picked journaling back up I have digested more truth and spewed out more garbage than I have in a really long time. I love just getting it all out on paper and chronicling the journey of God bringing my heart back to rich truth all right there in the moment.

This morning I was journaling about how blessed I am, and how strongly encouraged I am by the people God has put in my life to sharpen me. That led to being reminded of the reasons I trust God...specifically with our finances and the decision for me to quit teaching and stay home with Isaiah (I know I'm 7 months into this, but it's still a continuous challenge to trust).

I know that I'm in a season of life that's very temporary and it will change, but for today (and for us) these things are true.

A little of what I wrote about what I would miss out on if we hadn't decided for me to quit my job and stay home.

--"I would miss the relationships that You are cultivating in my life - the women that speak so much wisdom and grace into my life, that push me closer to You. That help shape me into the woman You want me to be. That shape me into a more godly wife and mom to better serve my family and bring You more glory.

--I would miss out on watching Isaiah grow and change DAILY, discovering little by little the treasure You have made in him - the little boy that You designed with Your own hands. Watching it all unfold and even having a part in molding him into the boy and man that fear You and desires You and delights in You and treasures You above all else.

--I would miss out on the freedom and time and ability I have to love my husband by serving him in greater capacities than before. Cultivating a deeper love and respect for who You have made him and called him to be. Watching him grow into a more godly man, husband and father right before my eyes (I wouldn't notice as much if I weren't around). Learning more about his likes and dislikes (esp. with food), dreams and just everyday thoughts that pop into his mind. Discussing more topics than what happened today and what's for dinner - like the sermon, something we read that day, conversations we had and what we thought about them, etc.

I know this is a season and life won't always look like this, but I'm soaking up where I am right now. You have poured out such riches into this season that I almost laugh at the idea of trading that for a paycheck."


Kelly said...

What a great time of reflection Dana! Praise the Lord! You are a great example of cultivating gratitude in our hearts!