Saturday, February 17, 2007

V day delayed

***Try to guess what this picture says before reading***

I guess since I posted on Valentine's day three times I should update on how it played out. After discussing what we wanted to do we realized that a week night just wasn't going to do, so we postponed it. Josh had an abnormally difficult week at work and with his stress levels it seemed like the best decision. But even though we said that, I still wanted to do a few little things to make his day special and a little easier.

My PLAN was to wake him up with cinnamon rolls and coffee. Then to show up at his school during his planning period with heart shaped chocolate chip cookies that I decorated and Isaiah was going to wear a shirt that I made that says, "my daddy rocks." I also planned to have a good dinner ready with a homemade card and a few other things (still secrets).

What HAPPENED was me waking up to a dressed up Josh kissing goodbye as he headed off to work and me yelling, "you were supposed to wake me up when you woke up!!! Why didn't you wake me up?!? Oh no!!! I was going to make you cinnamon rolls!!!" (I know it's a little dramatic but I was half asleep) He calmly replied that he had a staff meeting and had to be at work 1 hour early. Ugh.

So, no cinnamon rolls and coffee for Josh (I had coffee). I woke up, went to the bathroom and there greeting me on the mirror was a sweet little note from Josh telling me I'm beautiful and that he loved me. I looked in the full length mirror and there was another one. They were in cabinets, on doors and in the sweet. Then I got dressed and put Isaiah in his onesie that I was so proud of. I had ironed on the words "my daddy" and under it a picture of a pile of stones. The idea was for it to be a cute and obvious "my daddy rocks."

Well.....I met a bunch of ladies from church at Chic-fi-la for their heart shaped chicken biscuits and debuted Isaiah's shirt for them. One of them understood it. Even Stacey stared at it for awhile so I knew Josh wouldn't get it (did anybody else guess it?). I was right. He stared and stared and I finally had to tell him. Oh well. The cookies came out ok.

Somehow the day got away from me and I don't even remember what we had for dinner (I think chicken) so it wasn't the extravagant dinner I planned or the card and little "extras" but I have to say, it was one of my most favorite evenings we've had in a long time. Just cuddling, talking, kissing, watching a favorite show and eating our favorite Norwegian chocolate with candles lit and the smell warm vanilla sugar seeping out of my oil burner. It was such a sweet time and I still have Valentine's day to look forward to!


Kelly said...

I figured it out. So pat yourself on the back for me.

It sounds like your day ended perfectly. :-) Happy belated Valentines' Day!!