Thursday, February 08, 2007

Love day ideas

I posted this question earlier and just wanted to put it out there again.

What do you and your precious "other" do or plan to do for Valentine's Day???

What was your favorite memory of Valentine's Day (even if you're single)???

It's less than a week away and I'm in trouble. I hope Josh has a plan (he said he did) because I'm stumped. I'm usually big on sentiment, not expense but I also want it to feel special. And this year is a little extra special because it's the first year having to find a sitter so it feels even more like a retreat and a break. I want to just really celebrate our marriage and God's faithfulness to us, so whatever I give him I want to reflect, probably not Season 6 of Seinfeld.

Anyway, just wanted to hear your ideas, plans, recipes, favorites, etc....

Happy Love Day, Everyone!


Deeciple97 said...

I have a great memory of Valentine's Day when I was single. Of course, it was a dreaded day for me where I was reminded of what I desired in a relationship. I remember that year, I think it was 1996, I specifically thought, "I would love to get some flowers." (of course, red roses) from some special man in my life. I was not in a relationship, but had a couple guys I had gone out with and didn't know what they thought of me. We definitely were not in the place of sending and receiving roses. So, I wrote it off as a secret, but unfulfilled wish. Well, THE DAY came and I did get a dozen beautiful red roses delivered to the door of my apartment. I was shocked and curiously, opened the card. And it WAS from a very special man in my life who had never sent me Daddy! I will always remember that and treasure it. It resonated in my heart that I was valuable and loved and didn't need this day to tell me that.

Kelly said...

That's a great story, Stacey! I have a favorite Valentine's Day memory, too...and it is also from when I was single. I have been thinking about it a lot lately and I think I'll post on it sometime soon.

I'm not going to be very helpful with ideas, year I got my act together early and made 28 homemade cards and sent one in David's lunch every day of the month. I also made special little treats all month long...cupcakes, cookies, etc. It's a little late to do that, but maybe you could turn Valentine's day into a week-long celebration?

My gifts are almost always books, because that's all my husband EVER wants. I rebelled against this for a time but I've found it's easier to just give in and make him happy...the gifts are about him, after all....

Kelly said...

Hey Dana, I just posted on my favorite Valentine's Day. Check it out! I want to hear your story, too.