Friday, February 09, 2007

Follow up to valentine's ideas

Ok, here's some help (if you're like me and still racking your brain). Girltalk did a contest last year for the best Valentine's Day ideas from wives. They had some creative ideas and a link to several others.

Here's the winner: From Kathy....

As for Valentines Day itself, I do have some traditions that my husband and children USED to think were silly, but now look forward to. The day starts with heart shaped pancakes. My mom started the pancake tradition when I was a little girl, and STILL makes them for my dad...they just celebrated their 53rd anniversary!! Place settings for breakfast and dinner from dishes to glassware to table linens are combinations of pink and red. Each person in the family gets a some little gift from me at both breakfast and dinner: a card, a small nosegay of flowers, a tulle wrapped bundle of candy, homemade heart-shaped cookies, a stuffed animal with a Valentine theme, some type of "heart" jewelry for my daughter--you just never know what might appear on the table. Of course, there are surprises in everyone's lunch: notes from me telling them how much I love them, napkins in a heart theme, a heart-shaped muffin perhaps. I've even been known to cut sandwiches into heart shapes. I also try to do something special for each person. This year, I will surprise each family member by doing a chore that usually belongs to them. I'll try to pick the chore that each person MOST DISLIKES, and enjoy the looks on their faces when they go to do the chore and discover the chore is already done. Let's not forget ending the day by sneaking some red foil wrapped Hershey's Kisses onto each person's pillow.