Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tiny joys in the dead of winter

I have wanted to be green thumby for the last several years and just couldn't take it any longer. I planted basil, thyme and mint seeds several weeks ago, and Dee said I could get a few little sprigs of his rosemary and oregano plants to start my own. I have hope for a future garden of tomatoes, cucumbers, etc when it gets warm (aren't you impressed?).

The basil and thyme came up pretty fast. No signs of life from the mint though. I keep thinking back to going over to Beth's house in the summer and having freshly squeezed lemonaid with sprigs of mint floating on top.....tasted like the picture in a Martha magazine looked. Perfect.

Josh said he heard that mint was really hard to grow. Know of any tips?

Summer lemonaid is calling my name.


Beth said...

Hey Dana,
Mint is really not that hard to grow. In fact, once you get it started, if it likes where you plant it, it can take over! It may be hard to start from seed...I've never tried but if you come over this spring, I can give you some rootings from the garden. Also, I've got rooted rosemary cuttings so you can have that, too. You go, green thumb, girl! Can't you just taste the pesto already?!

Josh and Dana said...

I can!!! Thanks, Beth. That's a sweet offer. I'll take you up on that. I really want my little seeds to grow, but I ran out of potting soil and had to borrow dirt out of our ficus tree for the mint so I wonder if that's the problem...what do you think?