Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Fun Finds!

{I'm telling you upfront that this is a completely self-serving post. And superficial. And it makes me happy.}

So, Saturday I left the boys with Josh and ran out for a quick trip to Target. We had gift cards from Christmas and I had a list of storage bins I wanted for various things around the house.

I didn't find many of the storage bins, but I did find these....

Did you see the price? $2.98 marked down from $9.99. I withheld my public happy dance, but I was really, really hoping these would be there. I LOVE to grow things. I usually procrastinate and don't do it much until the spring, but I've noticed that having something alive and growing during the winter months really helps me fight the blahs.

So, I bought 6 kits. 3 Paperwhite kits and 3 Amaryllis kits. One is called a Minerva amaryllis...I think I just might start calling her that.

2 Paperwhite kits are started and one of the amaryllis' is now tucked in by a window.

(I swear I don't wonder around the house just checking in on them at least 8 times a day. Now, that's just taking it too far.)

So, if you live near me, the SuperTarget had a ton of them left so go get you some winter cheer!

Anyway, I left there slightly high and decided I would see if my luck continued at the Goodwill nearby.

Winner winner chicken dinner! I found this chair for really cheap and in great condition so into the back of my van it went.

I'm a sucker for chairs. I like to buy them cheap and promise to turn them into the princess of the ball. I feel that we have a very special relationship.

And Josh just loves this about me. Especially when they sit in the garage for 6 months.

But who doesn't love tufted leather?

And who can resist a brass nail-head trim?

Not this girl anyway.

I've been thinking of painting her wood a lovely creamy, glossy white. But then I look again and I kinda like her like this. It's just that we have so much dark wood in that room.

And the thought of it makes me tired. What would you do?