Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer food gloriousness

One of my most favorite little luxuries in earthly life is magazines. I LOVE having the time to just casually flip through a magazine, uninterrupted for an hour or so, sipping a lovely beverage. It's like a vacation for me.

In fact, I have at least 7 subscriptions. Now, please don't judge. I am not a fan of magazines with scantily-clad people and how-to's on things that my 2 children prove I don't need a how-to in. I also have gotten all but maybe 2 of my subscriptions for free. And the 2 I do pay for I waited and subscribed for a STEAL.

(These are all the things I tell myself to justify having that many magazines waiting to be flipped through at one time.)

Of all those subscriptions these 3 have to be my favorites:

And now that the June issues are rolling in, the theme among them is clear:





I'm resisting the urge to write the rest of this post in all caps....that's how excited I am about these recipes! These glory-filled instructions for summer bounty gloriousness! GLORY!

This is church, ya'll.

In the event that you don't know what I'm talking about, I came prepared today to share some of the glory with you. I'm going to give you the short list of my favorites from each magazine, and then send you to the link.

Tears of joy will follow.

Like my husband says, "If that don't lightcha faaar, ya wood's wet." Thanks, honey.

~Food Network Magazine (the Alpha Dog of food mags, in my opinion):

(aka Ohmyfreakingosh)

(it's a lot simpler than it sounds)

~ Southern Living

(and you should see the sauces!)

~Better Homes and Gardens
(go to the website and there's a deal going for 1 year at $5.99)

(I cannot tell you how sad I am that they don't have a picture of these up yet.
Please believe me. They look REAL good.)

(same sentiments as above.)

Now that we're all salivating, I think that you should go make some of these... and then bring it right over.

Jesus said to share.

You can ask Isaiah...he'll tell you.

Oh! And I'm going to give you a head's up. If you have a garden, could you pretty please take a picture of it for me? I have a post coming up that will involve Mr. Linky's debut on my blog, my need for gardening help and also my need for constant affirmation from other people.

Thank you for your cooperation. :)


Hilary Ann said...

Is it weird that I can smell watermelon while reading this?

Sushi Girl said...

Oooh yummy! I'm hungry..
P.S I had a shrimp boil for my's SUPER just neeed a big stock pot!

becca said...

magazines are one of my luxuries as well. i just got that southern living in the mail. i can't wait to try the banana pudding!